My second Miu Miu: Come and see my new Nappa Patch!!

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  1. Gorgeous Miu Miu Patch! You look so happy :smile:. Congratulation!
  2. it looks great on you! Congrats!
  3. Love the purple! Congrats!
  4. Your such a lucky gal Lasmico :wlae:
    I love your 2nd Miu MIu, congrats and enjoy!


    Btw, this picture is SO BEAUTIFUL! Do you live in the Valley or something? The grass is so green!
  5. Lasmico, that bag is gorgeous! The color and the style goes so well together and it looks fab on you. Congratulations!
  6. I LOVE the way that bag just hangs off your shoulder. It's got such a casual and funky look, but at the same time it looks really classic.
    congrats on a gorgeous bag!
  7. you look great with your bag!! congrats! purple is the color to have this season it seems.
  8. Lasmico, I love your bag and we have the exact same one :graucho: You look great in it!

    Btw, may I ask a qestion, looking at your pic below, what color is the one next to purple? Is it the same exact bag? It looks so nice. TIA :flowers:

  9. Congrats!