My second Hermes; OMG I am hooked!

  1. Here she is, my second gorgeous Hermes bag thanks to an aweseome PF'er. A gently used Orange Massai w/brushed silver hardware. I love the color and the weight of the leather (swift) is aweseome. It is easy to cheat on Balenciaga when you find bags that are just as light.

    I did not do much of a strip tease; I was too impatient to play with my bag. :drool: I photographed her with my other lovely Hermes bag. I will do modeling pics after my broken ankle heals and I can get my a** back to the gym! :push:
    orange1.JPG orange2.JPG orange3.JPG orange4.JPG
  2. Oooh, I spy a gorgeous Massai! :drool: What a beauty. Congrats, Becca!
  3. I LOVE that Orange Swift Massai.:love:
    Both it and the Garden Party are gorgeous!
  4. oh super congrats to you.

    see you are hooked now and there is no going back when you go to Hermes!
  5. Wonderful!! and beautiful colors Congratulations!!!!:tup::yes:
  6. Oh, it's lovely. I love this Massai bag in orange. It was my first Hermes bag but in brown. Congrats and enjoy!
    I hope your ankle heals well.
  7. What a great bag! It looks like a perfect every day, practical and beautiful purse! Enjoy!
  8. Congrats on the newest addition to your H collection!! There's no turning back now!!
  9. Yummy!:love:
  10. Congratulations :yahoo:
  11. Becca, what a beauty!! Congratulations--that is a truly stunning Massai.
  12. Love the color! Congratulations!
  13. :dothewave::dothewave:

    Ohh congratulations

    Hope you get back all ok soon poor you!
  14. Gorgeous! Congratulations, and welcome to the dark side :supacool:
  15. Thats a beauty!! CONGRATS!!