My Second Has arrived.

  1. My second moni--splendor grey has arrived today.How do you think about it?coler is ok but ........:tdown:
    My first moni is red satchel.It looks cute and great.
    wating for the third moni--splendor plum...........:push:
    隨意 003.jpg grey1.jpg
  2. Should be post as "Second Moni"
  3. I'm sorry you're not bowled over by your second bag - for what it's worth, I think it is a great 'workhorse' type bag in an unusual and versatile neutral, but what counts is that you love it. Maybe hang on to it for a few days and don't make any impulsive decisions - it could be a slow burner!
  4. congrats, give it time.
  5. Congrats!!! So beautiful
  6. I am so attracted to Moni bags...I'd love to see one IRL! Hope you start loving it. Is the Splendor lightweight or heavy in your opinion?
  7. Sorry, but this is one of those bags I cannot get attached too-it looks to "battered up" for me...:push:
  8. lightweight:p
  9. I think you're right.Now I'm failling in love with my moni bags.:p

    I've ordered my third moni-splendor plum.I will post the pic when I get it.
  10. i like it, congrats!!
  11. Here comes my third moni bag--splendor plum. Not bad,right?!:p
    plum 005.jpg
  12. I love the plum and the red one. Bit luke warm about the grey one!
  13. the plum looks delicious!
  14. I love them all!
  15. I'm sorry...I agree with this!