My second denim bag has arrived!!! Baggy GM

  1. I just recieved my Baggy GM in the mail.

    I am SO exited. I just love these denim pieces.

    The previous owner took GREAT care of this bag. I CANNOT find any dirt on the handles. I mean not a spec. :yes:

    Pics to follow. I'm going to take a shot of my Neo Speedy along with her new buddy (baggy gm). :lol:
  2. Damn woman!!!! I did not know you were getting that! What color is it? I tried the Green denim and it was not my thing....cant wait to see it!!! (you have been buying as many bags as me lately...) we need therapy.
  3. I know. Therapy would be good. let me know if you find a good doctor:roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Last week neo speedy, this week baggy gm and next week I'll get my Chloe paddy should already know what I have my eye on next ;) starts with an M.

    LOL :lol:

    The madness has got to stop. :graucho:

    Oh, its a blue baggy btw. :love:

    You should try on a blue one. You'd probably like it much better. Also I think some of the green ones are a little washed out. Next time ask them to bring out a few.
  4. The blue is not my thing...(that is why you have a blue neo now!!) It just did not go with all the dresses I wear everyday! As far as therapy...I think we are doomed. And Im really okay with it!!!! Post pics when you can!
  5. Here are some pics.

    They are a bit dark with some shadows. The only light I have on are the lights on my ceiling fan and its a dim light.

    Anyway---sorry for the tacky "watermark". I always do that because I don't want any creepy eBay scammers stealing my pics. Don't know how much a post-it note would keep them from doing it but it makes me feel better :lol:
    denimbags1.jpg denimbags2.jpg
  6. Very nice! Congrats on the new acquisition!

  7. LOL. I forgot :lol: :roflmfao:
  8. They look great together!! AHHHH the decision of which to carry....ENJOY!
  9. congrats on the new bag! :amuse:
    i dont know how to watermark my pics... maybe i should do the post it thing too! :idea:
  10. I Love Both Bags!
  11. Very Nice! Enjoy. You'll wear them well!
  12. I'm jealous! I need a new bag too:yes:
  13. Congrat's on your new bag :biggrin: they look great together
  14. Congrats! Enjoy your new bag!
  15. lovely!! i've got to get a bag from the denim line soon!!
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