my second cles, two days after the first one!!

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  1. I got my second cles!!! this things are really addictive, in thursday I got the first one, the perfo in orange as a gift from my aunt, I went to LV to ask about the boxes and I forgot to ask, can u believe it!! anyway I didn´t came back with empty hands cause I bought the mono canvas cles.

    I think this one is realy a key and change holder, I think the perfo one is bigger even the size is close to the same, the perfo was able to fit my cell phone, flash drive, cash and a cc., and in the hook I attached 2 keys. So maybe I´m gonna use the perfo as a little clutch for quick errands and the canvas one for coins or when I don´t wanna carry my big glace wallet.

    I was deciding between taking the monogram or the damier, I was about to pay the damier but in that moment I liked more the other. Anyway I hope get the damier soon, I don’t know how i´ve been living without a cles haha it is really a must have!

    Here is a pic of the cles and the second is of the both I have.
    DSC03212.JPG DSC03213.JPG
  2. Congrats!!!
  3. congrats, both are really cute! :biggrin:
  4. Great items! I love them both. Especially the orange perfo. as the bright color looks crispy behind the monogram.
  5. OMG, I thought I was the only mexican in the forum, I´m not alone!! haha its nice to know not all mexicans buy fakes hehe

    I also prefer the perfo one, it looks so nice, but actually I´m carrying the canvas, I could perfectly fit my cell phone and some cash in it. Simply love it, I must get the damier one!
  6. congrats on you new babies!
  7. Congrats! So cute--I think I may need to get one.
  8. Congrats! They're both super cute!:heart:
  9. Congrats !!
  10. I love my cles's they are very functional with a surplus of uses!
  11. that's the one that's $215, right? If so, you've just convinced me to get one...
  12. Welcome to cles addiction! I have three!
  13. Congrats! They are both adorable!!!
  14. you can fit a phone? WOW!!!
  15. Ditto! I had no idea they could fit so much! Now I want one!

    Congrats on your new purchases!
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