My Second CL... it is totally addictive!!

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  1. Beautiful color! And yes, CLs are addictive. I bought my first pair not so long ago and now I'm waiting for my sixth pair to arrive in the mail:smile:
  2. Big Congratulations, aeonat! Your second pair is absolutely
    beautiful. And you're right - these shoes are addictive!
  3. aeonat - they are gorgeous! Congrats on your second pair! I adore the color of them!
  4. aeonat, I love your metallic rouge You You! :love: Congrats on a beautiful pair! :smile:
  5. very beautiful, i LOVE that color!!! they look great on you, congrats!
  6. Love them!!! Congrats and yes totally addictive.
  7. omg..those are gorgeous...glad you kept it ;)
  8. congrats :smile: i'm thinking of SO a similar pair in white satin for my wedding :smile: (i don't think youyou is on the SO list :sad: but yoyo is...)
  9. Congrats on such a beautiful pair!
  10. so nice! congrats! they are addicting, aren't they? :smile:
    i love the rouge colour!
  11. gorgeous!! those are definitely a classic.... i'm so glad you were able to score these, they were meant to be.
  12. these are gorgeous! congrats on your second pair :woohoo:
  13. Congrats on your 2nd pair - very classy and such a beautiful colour!

    I know exactly what you mean. I joined this forum only last July and bought three pairs within the last 2 weeks. But the good thing is, nobody gets hurt - only the bank accounts *lol
  14. Congrats! Those are really gorgeous.
  15. louboutinlawyer: thanks.. the color is stunning..

    savvygirl:Thanks.. and My third one is coming :yahoo: