My Second CL... it is totally addictive!!

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  1. Less than 1 month-2 months ago.. I scored my first CL...:yahoo:since then I am in love with christian louboutin shoes... now.. I am even more happier as I scored my second CL..

    Actuallly I passed on the shoes.. since I was worried about the heel ht.. I am not used to 100mm.. heheh.. but then.. I keep on thinking about it.. then I left a message to the SA.. and then the store just closed in 5 mins ago.. so I told myself..." If I can still find it tomorrow, then I will definitely take it"..luckily..the lovely CL is still there for me the next day.. and here it is ..
    YOU You rouge 100mm...

  2. more pictures..


  3. modeling pics..



  4. I love those! I was actually looking at getting these in the Navy but couldn't afford them.
  5. My collection is also modest. I will bet in a year, you will have at least 10. Now that you have started, you just will not be able to stop.... Congrats... lovely color! :flowers:
  6. gorgeous!!!!

    oh yes, piggy remembers it well . . . the year was 2008, and the little piggy had just purchased her first-ever pair of CL's & registered for the purse forum . . .

    . . . . fast forward two years later to 2010 . . .


    tehe - welcome to the addiction! (^(oo)^)v
  7. Congrats! i love the colour- they're lovely! :biggrin:
  8. Congrats on your 2nd pair! Gorgeous colour
  9. There gorgeous Congrats! aeonat I know what you mean by addictive, I think i'm starting to see no point in buying shoes without a red sole :shrugs: I think i'm in trouble!
  10. They are gorgeous such a classic style and I love the rouge!!
  11. I love that style! Congrats on your second pair too. Those photos are very tempting... :P
    And it's very addictive!!
  12. They are beautiful! Congratulations!
  13. beautiful!
  14. gorgeous! congrats, aeonat!
  15. Congrats! They look beautiful on you!