My Second Chanel In Two

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  1. I got my 2nd Chanel handbag after my black caviar medium classic flap last month. DH bought it for me when he was at Hong Kong from the Airport Chanel Boutique plus a little surprise...It was called Petit Shopping in the box, any idea what it called? Here she is plus the little surprise....
    P/S: Can someone teach me how to attach bigger pix instead of thumbnail?
    PS1.jpg PS2.jpg CJ1.jpg
  2. wow that color is magnificient! your DH has wonderful taste! and i love the belt (?), the little charms are darling!
  3. oh and to attach bigger pictures, you have to upload your pictures to a hosting site (I use photobucket) and then you can either click the little image icon on tPF (the one with the mountain and yellow bkground) or you can use the [​IMG]
  4. Congrats! very nice, what colour is that?
  5. wow! what a classy bag!one of my fav!I love your surprise gift too!Your DH has got excellent taste!:tup:
  6. Nice color. Your hubby DH has great taste.
  7. I love it!!!! The color is gorgeous! You're making me want another Chanel bag! LOL
  8. Wow, I love the blue grey! It's gorgeous and so sweet of your husband, congrats!!
  9. BEAUTIFUL colour! your husband is a sweetheart with impeccable taste! Congrats :yahoo:
  10. Love the color-so pretty
  11. AWESOME color!What a great hubby!
  12. Wow! It's soo pretty!!! Congrats
  13. Go hubby!!
    Beautiful bag. Love the color.
  14. That's the grey classic tote with new chain. It's beautiful!
  15. It's really pretty, is tat lambskin?