My second Chanel! I love her!! ............. Reveal!

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  1. :yahoo::yahoo:

    My beloved bag is finally here! I fell in love with this bag after seeing all the pictures of it here on TPF and I just knew I have to have it! I was hoping to find her on my trip to Europe last month but sadly, they only have it in silver hardware and I felt that it didn't have that oomph the gold hardware has and I didn't want to settle. Hell, i'm paying so much for the bag, i want to be 101% satisfied with it!

    So I waited in agonising pain everyday and the opportunity presented itself! Although I had to pay about USD600+ more, it is soooooooooooo worth it!

    Ok that's a lot of words......... on to the photos now.
  2. show me show me !! :smile:
  3. the box was full of stuffing..... i couldn't wait to dig to the bottom of the box!

  4. So exciting A live one!
  5. Yay my firs live one!!!! :woohoo:
  6. What's in the box?? :woohoo::woohoo:
  7. Under all that stuffing is the coveted black box. As I'm doing this, I feel I'm hyperventilating all over again! :woohoo::woohoo:

  8. Can't wait to seeeee
  9. Opening the box.....

  10. Can you guess what is in the box?!

  11. Beige Jumbo?
  12. ^ Almost there :P It's the Beige M/L Flap!!!!! :biggrin::biggrin:

  13. OMG its gorgeous, after i wrote jumbo, i thought to myself M/L

    Its perfect!!! Take a family shot and some modeling pics ok
  14. Congrats!!! Loving that beige!!!
  15. OMG! Can't believe you got this! Nice and very lovely!!! Congrats!