My second Chanel has arrived...the purse that got me interested in the first place!

  1. FedEx just delivered my second Chanel purse! :yahoo:


    Customs and GST absolutely killed me, but it was well worth it because I purchased this brand new on eBay with tags still attached from a fellow PFer and even after customs I still managed to save over $900 CAD total.

    This is the style that got me interested in Chanel in the first place. After researching this bag and the GST and seeing both IRL, however, I decided to get a black caviar GST as my very first Chanel. I've been thinking about getting this bag ever since.
    Finally, when I got extra scholarship money in December, I was in search of another Chanel bag. The black caviar classic flap was the other bag I purchased in addition to this one. I am so excited I almost have one of each of (what I consider to be) the classics! (I just need a Timeless clutch now)

    I don't do strip teases any more because the ladies at the LV forum absolutely hate it and there's no point in teasing since my recent purchases are both in my sig =p

    Without further adieu, I present my new Pink caviar Medallion Tote with silver hardware!! :yahoo:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    It fits almost everything that I put in my GST which is perfect...I love how lightweight the bag itself is...I'm just a tad concerned about the handles falling right out though if there's too much stuff in the bag.

    Sorry no modeling pics as I am still in my jammies and don't plan on getting out of them today...maybe tomorrow. Thanks for letting me share my excitement with you!
    pinkmed1.jpg pinkmed2.jpg pinkmed3.jpg pinkmed4.jpg
  2. Karman, that is one freakin' gorgeous Medallion and you sound so happy with it, congratulations! :yahoo:
  3. Cute tote. :tup: I want to get my hands on a black one.
  4. second & counting! ~ lol! ~ congratulations!
  5. sweeeeet! enjoy her ;)
  6. It's nice to see this medallion tote in a different color other than black...GORGEOUS! Congrats!
  7. i don't normally like pink bags, HOWEVER, this one is a gorgeous pink bag and the pics make me think of getting it..
  8. Gorgeous Bag Karman, congrats!
  9. Karman, that bag is gorgeous and as always you take gorgeous pictures of your items! Congrats on your first love :heart:
  10. Very pretty!!! Enjoy
  11. Beautiful!! I have the medallion in black, but now after seeing yours I need one in pink! Congrats Karman!!
  12. whoa pink medallion...soooo lovely congrats!!
  13. Too adorable!!
  14. great bag-- I have her too ...
    I love this color pink..not to bright and not to soft
  15. How very cute!! Now, I am confused. I re-read your thread and do you have 2 or 3? Sounded like a GST, a classic flap and the pink medallion,right? Anyway, big congrats!!