My SECOND Chanel handbag... In less than a month!!

  1. :nuts: OMG, What is WRONG with ME?!? I've been yearning for a classic Chanel as my square vintage is a bit on the casual/modern side. Today, I saw the pic of Nikki Hilton in the Classic flap?? Caviar... And I went to NM in San Diego and got it!! Sure, I haven't even paid off my FIRST one, but oh well... won't make a difference if I wait until I do, right? Hahahahah
    Here are some quick pics, as my bf will be coming over soon (HaHa). She's black and gold... and then there's the pic that made me want it with N. Hilton holding it.. I think that's silver and black though.

    -Crazy for Chanel
    Caviar.jpg caviar tote.jpg Nikki in chanel.jpg
  2. Congrats dear .. i know exactly how it feels when u ur bagg-ing non stop LOL

    Pix plzz .. which color ?
  3. Okay just took some quick pix with my camera phone (cause I'm so impulsive). There she is! (with my fatty arm, hehe):nuts:
  4. Congrats!

    I swear, hanging out here WILL NOT decrease your spending! LOL!
  5. very nice!!
  6. Go Sandylainey! LOL, I did the exact same thing. I charged a Luxury Bowler, paid off a portion, then charged the Jumbo Classic Flap on the same card! I wanted to wait but couldn't... I needed a classic style to compliment the more modern style.

    Love the black and gold - it looks great on you too!

  7. A second congratulations! Chanel can be very addictive! Just one beautiful bag after another! And it's not as if we/your fellow enablers would ever discourage a Chanel purchase! :yes:
  8. congrats on your purchase.

    i know wat your talking about Swanky. I bought my 3rd Chanel bag within 4 months of joining this forum.:true:
    I'm trying to ban myself from buying another until the end of the year.:graucho::ban:
  9. You gals are sooo funny!!! I know, just like swanky said, being here isn't helping!! There's just MORE AND MORE TO NEW ONES!! I just love the smell of the purse, too.. the leather.. .MMMMmmmMMm! Hahahha...

    I can't even play with her now cause BF is here. URGH!
  10. and the best of luck w/ that!:roflmfao:
  11. Congratulations. A black classic flap is a must in any Chanel collection. I love it with the gold hardware too.
  12. Congrats! Another gorgeous Chanel bag
  13. yes, somehow i don't think it's gonna work. I'll have to ban myself from the internet and shopping.:hysteric:
  14. LOL!!! Yeah, I told myself after my First Chanel bag that I won't ever have to get another cause I can at least say I have ONE. BUT... look what happened!!

    Now it's like.. should I even go into the Chanel boutique or any chanel area anymore?? LOL.. 'JUST TO LOOK'!


    Well, I did feel good about my Square Vintage Ligne tote today when I walked in at NM and the Chanel SA said "There was a lady in here asking for exactly your bag and we dont' have it anymore!!" :yahoo:
  15. LOL....i know watcha mean. My hubby walk in the door, the bag goes under the bed covers:whistle: