My second Chanel bag: Black Flap with new chain

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  1. After getting the white jumbo caviar, I have been looking for the black one. I have waited for 2 months and I heard nothing from the boutique. Today I went to chanel boutique and found the black classic flap with silver chain (new chain) and decided to take this one. :yahoo:

    However I have some questions about this bag. Hope TPFs experts can suggest me (Since the SA could not answer me clearly)

    - Is this bag a new washed caviar or distressed caviar?
    - Is this called Bajoux chain? (SA told me it's called Link chain)
    - I wonder if it usual not to have CC logo on the inner flap.

    TIA :smile:
    30012008206.jpg 30012008208.jpg 30012008209.jpg
  2. Congrats!

    It looks like lambskin? The chain is called Bijoux, and the CC in the inner flap is only on bags w/ double flaps. Med. sized, reissues.. etc.
  3. That bag is gorgeous! Congrats!
  4. I LOVE it! congrats!
  5. It's a beautiful bag!!

    It looks like lambskin to me
  6. Congrat! You're on your way to Chanel addiction. LOL.
  7. Thanks for all compliments and acknowledgements :smile:

    Oahctrec, Tarabag...It does not look like the lambskin when I compared this bag with another lambskin classic flap.(But I am not sure if there is another type of lambskin??).This one is more distressed. Apologise for my poor photographing skill... Is it possible to check the leather type from the code?

    Edit... typo
  8. i love it so much! love the chain especially!
  9. congrats!!! i love it!!!
  10. I'm pretty sure it's the newest Link chain not last year's bijoux!:yes:
    can't make out what the leather is on my monitor,it looks like the new lambskin though!:smile:congrats!
  11. Very beautiful bag!

    Enjoy :smile:
  12. this is the newest 'glazed lambskin' flap bag from S/S. the chain is not called bijoux. it is a new chain that feels a lot lighter. the lambskin has a particular shine / gloss on the exterior, unlike the regular lambskin. and if you look close enough, the CC logo actually looks a little different from the regular CC logos found on the regular flaps. hope that helps! that's a hot bag you've got there, btw :graucho:
  13. It's gorgeous. Congrats!!!
  14. Thanks Chanelspell, Ladydeluxe...I really love the leather because it is so shiny and smooth. Hope it is not difficult to maintain as original lambskin... :smile:
  15. May I ask how much that bag costs? I absolutely love it.