My Second chance with mia!

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  1. What a beautiful bag!! I just go the mia in the leather magenta.. it is such a great bag.. you'll love it!!! Post pics when you get her!!!
  2. Great choice!! I love that bag :smile:
  3. I'm sorry they didn't have the bag for you!!! How disappointing to get the call AFTER the order!!! However, you chose a very nice bag in lieu.... enjoy!
  4. What a beauty!:yes:
  5. That is a beautiful bag! Congrats
  6. Beautiful bag!!
  7. wow, I love the bag especially signature...Congrats, It is so beautiful...:drool:
  8. Very nice! You'll have to post pictures when she arrives.
  9. Your new bag is beautiful!! Congrats and enjoy!
  10. oh my! gorgeous. so glad to hear that you didn't give up and decided to go to ebay. yeah, i've heard that bag was a highly faked bag. i'm glad you got the help that you need and now you'll be carrying a beautiful beautiful bag around. oh how lovely
  11. Just lovely! Don't forget to post pics when you get her!
  12. Thanks all I can't wait to get her!
  13. can't wait to see pics when you get her! congratz!