My second-chance Manhattan PM

  1. Last November, I sold my beloved Manhattan PM because I needed cash for a new laptop. It was pretty difficult sealing her up in a box and sending her away, :crybaby: but I knew she was going to a sweet, loving Mommy.

    When my tax refund arrived, I was surprised to discover that there was enough left after wedding expenses for me to get a new bag too! I knew I wanted to replace the Manhattan, but it's pricey, so I started looking at the very-cute Lockit as a possible alternative. Yesterday, off to the store I went, to compare them in real life.

    I truly did like the Lockit. I love the little lock, the leaf-shaped leather tabs on the handles, and the zipper closure — and it’s one of the few bags I can imagine looking good with a well-loved patina. Its drawbacks are that the handles are not quite long enough for me to wear it comfortably in the crook of my arm, and the all-vachetta bottom would be tough to keep clean.

    So, I took another look at the Manhattan PM. It too has a secure zipper closure, it’s cute on me (almost as cute as it is on Uma), and all my stuff fits in there nicely. It has the added bonus of outside pockets for extra stuff, and of course the yummy alcantara lining. It’s a bit heavier because of all the hardware, but I never minded that before. The best part is that the longer handles make this bag utterly comfortable for me to carry by hand, over the wrist, or at the elbow. She's simply a good fit for me. It has vachetta piping on the bottom, but no vast expanses of bare leather to get dirty.

    After consulting with my lovely Jersey-girl SA Jennifer (who looked like Sandra Bullock) and my wonderful, practical better-half (who encouraged me to get the Manhattan), I decided to bite the financial bullet and go with the Manhattan PM. If the handles on the Lockit were a bit longer, it would have worked great, but realistically, if a bag is not comfortable to carry, it won’t get much use. I spent some time yesterday feeling guilty about spending so much $$ on myself, but today I finally took her out of the box and admired her, and I truly do think I made the right choice. Ultimately it would be more expensive for me to get the Lockit, not carry it much, and then end up getting the Manhattan anyway. Right?

    Ms. Manhattan is currently sitting here in my office where I can admire her, and tomorrow I will take her out, but in the meantime she needs a name. Something a little prettier than "Do-Over"! Any suggestions?

    I'm so happy to have her home!!! :yahoo: I'm NOT selling her again!

    And hey, as long as I was being extravagant, I picked up a little pochette cles in Pomme D'amour. I tried photographing it in the sun, but didn't quite capture this amazing color. You can click the thumbnails for fullsize pics.

  2. What a sweet story!

    I love the manhattan, and congratulations!
  3. Wow-fabulous!
  4. she's is stunning! what about something like fatima- since it was fate that brought you together again? i need some time to think. lol
  5. aww!! OT, the pomme cles is SO HOT!! CONGRATS!!
  6. Congrats! Both of yours are in my wishlist
  7. hot hot hot. congrats.
  8. Aww what a nice story! And congrats!
  9. So sweet....congrats!! :yes:
  10. Ooooh, I like that one! :yes:

    Thanks everyone...I am feeling like a lucky girl today.:graucho:
  11. Great story!! I too, had the manhattan then sold it for the Lockit!!! I was sorry that I did it, and ended up selling other bags to buy the Manhattan PM again! This time I will never let her go!

    Congrats and I hope you enjoy her!!
  12. Congrats! :yahoo:
  13. Congrats!
  14. congrats!
  15. I love my manhattan pm and don't think I could part with it. I'm so glad you re-purchased it. Which Lockit where you looking at because I know the straps on the lockit horiz. are long enough to fit over your shoulder(?)