My second (but first new..) chanel!!! Superhappy with it!

  1. I have it for a week now, my very first brand new (I already had a second hand chanel waist bag..) chanel!! And I'm loving it!
    My dad actually gave it to me, but I picked it up myself at the Chanel boutique. It saw it earlier in the shop window in another chanel boutique and when I was really convinced that this was THE bag for me I called my local boutique which didn't have it anymore... That was a scare :sweatdrop:, but luckily they tried to find one for me and it was finally ordered in from Berlin (there were only 3 ones left in Europe at that time!).
    Anyway, I could pick it up last week and I love it to pieces! I was dreaming of a black patent chanel for some time now, finally my dream has come true!! :yahoo: yipiiiiiiiii....
  2. :nuts: So beautiful!!! CONGRATS!!!
  3. Congrats that's a beautiful bag.
  4. Nice! Looks great w/ your yellow top!
  5. congrats!! It's a beautiful bag.
  6. it's beeyooteefull!!!
  7. Gorgeous!!! Can we see how it looks inside?
  8. Just gorgeous, congrats!
  9. It's gorgeous! Congrats!
  10. You look fabulous with it... congrats, yay!! :smile:
  11. Thanks for being happy with me you all! Here's another pic from the inside (which is oh so soft and silky.... sigh... haha:p)
  12. That is stunning!!! It looks like it can hold a ton too!! Very deceiving as far as the size..Congrats & enjoy!!
  13. Congratulations on your bag! Its gorgeous!
  14. congrats, very pretty.
  15. congrats. its a lovely bag