My second bbag... EB City

  1. I went to HV, Manchester today to look for white and sky blue City. They didn't have yet but what I saw there made me stop breathing... There were EB City RH, and EB City GH... They both look great..Since GH is quite heavy for me... I took RH one...

    I love love EB.. but do I make right decision.. or shall I wait for sky blue?

    And here is my BBal family :smile:
    11012008204s.jpg 11012008205s.jpg 11012008203s.jpg
  2. I love it personally! the colour is lovely :smile: if you're unsure though, maybe that answers your own question?
  3. Your EB is gorgeous!! I prefer the EB to the Sky Blue, but you should go for the one that you're most drawn to!!
  4. I always say, you have to really love your puchase in order to enjoy it. These bags are expensive and you have to get your money's worth at the end. Listen to your got feelings and go with that.:yes:
  5. EB is beautiful, if she made your heart stop then you should keep her!! IMO, the sky blue cities RH I've seen in person have been a lot less saturated.
  6. Wow... it is gorgeous!
    The kind of EB I was expecting. It depends on your personal taste and look.
    Personally I would buy something in EB just for going out (first or clutch)
    But if it fits your style, keep it!
  7. HEhe... thanks..I was unsured because I thought it might not suit with my outfit...But now I try EB with clothes in my wardrobe.,and It is great.. I'm gonna keep it.. but have to start saving for Sky Blue (in case I love when Isee IRL
  8. I love it! Congrats! Finally another EB we can drool over!! I love seeing all these pictures! Any modeling pics yet?
  9. congrats.. EB is gorgeous!! i think you made the right decision!!
  10. congratulations May! ~ both our latest additions arrived on the same day ~ :drinkup: ~ i know harrods have the sky & it's lovely but this one blew me away as soon as i opened the dustbag! :love: ~ don't make any rash decisions ~ v ~ :flowers:
  11. She looks great!! Completely different from the sky blue or the ocean! Big congrats!! :tup: I would love to see modeling pics!!! :yes:
  12. Woohoo!!! Another EB pic!!! Gorgeous BLUE!

  13. Thanks Viki... I'm gonna check with Harrods if there is City RH.. Last time I saw sky blue SGH there. My heart was so beating... but it was so heavyyyyy:sweatdrop:
  14. Thanks for all comments n supports.. That's why I love Tpfers :love:
  15. [​IMG]

    this is a beautiful bag! Enjoy!