My second B-bag- Truffle Twiggy!!!

butterfly 17

Feb 22, 2006
Hi guys, well, I got my second b-bag today. After this, I won't get one for a while.

Let me say that I really really love her, maybe more than my BI Twiggy and I got her for such a great price as well!!!:yahoo: In fact, the price seemed so good, I thought she might be fake. But she isn't and I am so glad I took a chance and I decided to get her.

The leather on her is amazing, she is smooth, not veiny at all and super smooshy. :love:

Without further ado, here she is!


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It's beautiful! I just ordered a Truffle Purse so I'm hoping the color is as good as yours. If you don't mind me much was it and where did you get it? ENJOY!!
It's beautiful! I just ordered a Truffle Purse so I'm hoping the color is as good as yours. If you don't mind me much was it and where did you get it? ENJOY!!

Thank you. I got her for $660 on ebay. I bid the highest amount but did not meet the reserve price, so the seller sent me a second chance offer for $660. Amazing amazing price for a brand new bag, but the bag is even more amazing!!!:love:
Thanks guys!!!!:heart:

I wasn't really planning to get another b-bag, b/c I just got my first one in November, but when I was at the store, I had a hard time deciding between BI, truffle and Cognac, but the BI won me out b/c the leather was nicer and it was a harder to find color.

Then when I saw this on ebay, I knew that I had to bid on it, but I also knew I only wanted to pay a certain amount b/c I just got one.

When the listing ended, I knew I didn't win b/c the reserve was never met, but thank goodness for second chance offers otherwise I would never have gotten this baby!!!
I have a Truffle Twiggy and I love it too :love: much so that I also have a Truffle Purse and a Truffle First :Push: I can't get enough Truffle :nuts:


I have to say that the first time I saw it at NM at Short Hills, I wasn't too crazy about it, but I wasn't crazy about the BI they had either.

But, when I went to BalNY, I found that I really liked the color. It's so very versatile and looks like fine milk chocolate!!!:love:

Yes, please post pics of your truffle purse. I love the purse style.
I just ordered a truffle Purse also. I love the Purse style so much. How do you like yours? Please post pics!

I'm in the UK and it's pitch black here now - but I will try and get a photo with artificial light for you - bear with me and check back to this post later ;)

I love the Purse style too (I have four of them). The leather and colour on my Truffle is just perfection to me :love:
MRG and Butterfly - Here are some pics of my Truffle Purse for you.....

The quality isn't great! The door is bright white and so you can see the discolouration because of the poor lighting. I'd offer to take more tomorrow in daylight but when I leave for work it's dark and when I get home it's dark :sad:

Anyway, hope it gives you an idea - it is a gorgeous bag and I know you will love your when you get it :love: