My Second (and Third!!) Hermes!!

  1. So, after my very first Hermes bracelet (black box entreviere double tour), I think I've been bitten by the bug...

    Anyone game to guess what they are?

    P.S I think some may know which items they are!!
    dsc00460.jpg dsc00469.jpg
  2. Vogue, no fair! I'm going to be leaving the house soon. :smile: *LOL*
  3. None of this striptease, I want to know!
  4. Im betting on a hapi!
  5. woooo two i skipped the pic, it's either a belt or scarf as a guy i think you went for the belt!
  6. No one's guessing.. :crybaby:
  7. ^^^You got the white one?
  8. ok, I'll guess.. animal charm and a pocketsquare ;)
  9. I guess a scarf and a H enamel lock
  10. :popcorn:
  11. Ok, here it is:

    The Black Enamel Clic Clac Bracelet..

    and a Black Ulysse PM Agenda! :heart:
    dsc00464.jpg dsc00471.jpg
  12. Tres cute!
  13. Two wonderful choices!! Congrats, and enjoy...
  14. I love your choices! Very nice!!!
  15. Love the Ulysse! And a clic clac! Perfect match! Congrats!