My second and third BV's - I am officially addicted! *Pics*

  1. Hi all!

    I just recieved my second and third editions to my BV collection - a Large Campana in Black and a Ball in Ebano.

    I already have the Ball in Limo and just have one more BV on my wishlist for now - the magnificent Sloane in Noce!

    So many of you warned me that these Bottega Veneta's are addictive.........looks like you were right, I'm hooked!! :sweatdrop:

    Without further a do, here are my BV babies :heart:




  2. beauticious! you really are amassing a nice classic collection.
  3. Omg it looks like you crawled into my closet. I have the exact same two bags. I wish I had something in Limo but nothing yet.
  4. I have the ebano ball bag as well and love it! Congratulations on a great collection.
    I have to laugh at your signature SOS icon. You are in trouble girl!
  5. Oh wow! What a coincidence bagpuss! You have great taste if I may say so! hehe!;)
  6. Stunning collection!
  7. A Campana and Ball-my two favorite bags in my two favorite colors! Congrats:p
  8. Oh, wow, Balchlfen, congratulations! These bags look so gorgeous you just want to pet and cuddle them all day! ;o)

    Glad everything worked out. Wasn`t Julia`s service simply perfect?
  9. Great choices - congrats! You'll love these for years and years.
  10. Beautiful. Congrats!
  11. wow, they are gorgeous!! love the ebano colour so much.:love:
  12. congrats.....
    love your collection....
  13. Wow! You couldn't have picked a better way to start your BV collection! Great classic colors.
  14. Wow. Those are two amazing additions to your BV collection! Such a classic set you're amassing! :yahoo:
  15. they are both such gorgeous bags!!!:yahoo:

    congrats! why did you buy 2 in such short time? was it cos you couldn't decide between them?

    i try to s..p..a..c..e.. out my purchases, since i know i'll never keep to a complete purse ban.

    you have such a classic collection.