My search for the perfect white bag continues... Please help!!!!


Jan 3, 2008
White leather bags are my absolute favorite for spring/summer, I love how they'll go with most anything and I love the contrast the white provides with most outfits.... unfortunately I cannot seem to find the perfect one.

I posted a somewhat similar thread last summer which lead me to buying a white tano sexbomb, which in the end was a bad choice because it fell apart:sick:

This is what I'm looking for:
-Leather only (no patent, 'crunch leather' etc.)
-Shoulder strap is a MUST
-Exterior pockets would be preferable
-If there is an exterior zipper, it needs to be metal
-Cloth or suede lining is preferred over nylon
-Prefer hardware that is not gold
-Under $600 would be ideal

If anyone knows a bag that would fit this criteria, please let me know! I have honestly been constantly searching for the past YEAR and nothing is IT for me... but I want a white bag SO BAD!!!!!!

Please help!!!!!

THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Apr 15, 2008
The Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier hobo is a beautiful, practical bag. I don't think they're making white any more, so you'd have to stalk ebay. There is one there right now that looks pretty good:

No exterior pockets, but the magnetic closure makes the inside easy to access. I have this exact bag in black, and I love it. It's comfortable; depending on your size, you can wear it on your shoulder, or cross-body with the longer strap. It's not too big, but definitely not small. Fabric interior. Silver/distressed hardware....a great looking bag.


Jan 3, 2008
thanks for all the suggestions so far!:heart:

I am looking for something that is pure, bright white..but it the bag is great an off-white or cream might work!

ruthfmc- that mbmj bag is cute and i love the fun, colorful lining! i'm not sure if i love it, but i added it to my watch list just in case!

muimiow- thanks for posting! i'm not what sure why but im not feeling this one, i hate being so picky but... i love that it has an exterior pocket but hate that it zips! i didnt even realize it but i guess i want exterior pockets that just button or stay open, i like to just have a hole to throw my keys in that i dont have to worry about zipping lol

sonOz-that linea pelle bag in sterling is not bad... hmmm.... and on sale too! I might have to think about this one!

jadore- i have that mbmj quinn bag in elderberry (purple!) i love it! i just cant bring myself to buy the same bag in multiple colors!
Jun 5, 2008
^^ Totally understand the whole not buying the same bag in a different color..i also like the Linea Pelle bag in sterling! Good luck with your purchase!! (Let us know which one you pick! :tup:)


Nov 3, 2007
I don't know how the sterling looks in the LP bag but my sister has the Danielle bag in Tobacco and I love it. From time to time she lets me borrow it..its big enough to toss in some magazines and I really like the lining for some reason.


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Aug 5, 2008
Coach is coming out with a new Parker line that has a few promising white bags.

Only thing is the lining...

Another option is maybe an Ignes bag (you can customize any of their bags in terms of leather/suede lining)? I didn't see a white in the swatches posted, but you can email them and see if they have a white coming out (spring leathers are to be announced soon...)

Good luck with your search!!!


Sep 21, 2007
^ Ignes is a good option, I know they have white leathers, but nobody has ordered one. Great price point and excellent quality, plus the service is great.

Kooba Elisha is another thought or a Hayden Harnett bag- maybe the Mercer Satchel or Havana hobo. LP bags have nice leather too.

I am a huge fan of Belen Echandia, but I don't think they do a true white.


Nov 23, 2008
Golden Coast, Florida
i have the kooba elisha in a bright white...i cant wait to use it this spring!!! it does have golden hardware though, so maybe thats a turnoff. in every other way though, its a beauty. also, since there isnt much hardware on it, its not overwhelming even if you prefer silvertone hardware (like i do).


Mar 20, 2007
Southern California
I have a Marc Jacobs Sophia in white that I absolutely LOVE!

I think they are mostly discontinued now, but I think you can still find some on ebay or consignment websites.


Oct 10, 2006
I too am a big fan of white leather bags and it's hard because the wrong leather, the wrong style can make it look cheap. I have a beautiful white Hogan I bought last year with no internal debate, just saw it and knew. I also got a white Marc Jacobs on sale and Marc Jacobs does a great white leather. They had a great white Blake last year too, I just didn't like the gold hardware.

I was at Bloomingdales in SF and saw this Marc Jacobs: in white and thought it was a great deal. Again, the good Marc Jacobs white leather, not patent, not too matte, and look at the price - $775.!

Another one I agree with is the Balenciaga in white. It costs more but that is one I would definitely consider.