My search for the "pefect" size small bag is finally over!

  1. I'm still pretty new to LV, but after finding my "perfect" large bag (a BH) I have been on the for hunt the right size smaller bag for a while. On the weekends and weekdays after work I like to carry a smaller bag since all I need to carry are a medium size wallet, phone (personal use), blackberry (work use), keys and sometimes sunglasses. My problem is that I didn't want to spend too much on a small bag, so I've been buying used stuff on eBay. Since some of the styles are discontinued I haven't been able to try them on or see them in person in the boutique.

    First, I bought an accessories pochette and as cute as it is, it is way too small for my needs. I use it now for a pouch in my larger purse.

    Next I bought a mini looping. I think the design is so cute and the size is great, but the rolled handle seemed to hurt my shoulder.

    Third I bought a cite pochette. I love the shape of this, but it's just a tad too small for my needs and I can barely squeeze my stuff into the bag. Also the zipper on the top isn't as easy to get stuff in and out of.

    Finally I bought a musette tango with the short strap. I got it today and I think it's just right. It's actually a lot smaller and cuter in person than I imagined it being. In the pictures I just figured it would be more medium size instead of small. Anyhow, I was pleasantly surprised. All my stuff fits in it great. The strap is comfortable, and it's easy to open close with the magnetic snap.

    Whewwww- I am glad that my search is finally over!!!
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  2. can you posy a pic. I am looking for a small bag too and I have looked at all those you mentioned.
  3. If you don't suceed...try, try again! Sounds like you know how to spell success! That is a great little bag!
  4. I'll see what I can do with my self timer :smile:. Do you want to see all of them or just the musette tango?
  5. I found one on eBay and its cute
  6. Congrats!!!!
  7. Thanks everyone. handbag*girl- just in case you or anyone is comparing the same bags I just took a pic so you can see the side by side size comparison. It's ordered from the left to right accessories pochette, cite pochette, musette tango, mini looping. The accessories pochette and musette tango are flatter though if you look at them from the side.

  8. Congrats.
    That's a perfect sized bag for what you described!
  9. Congrats! Glad you found the perfect bag!
  10. Congratulations! Now you've got a bunch of cute little LV's!
  11. It is about time! LOL! Congrats on your new bag!
  12. Hello Smalls! I was wondering if you still had your musette tango short strap. If yes, do you mind adjusting it to the longest strap option and wearing it crossbody and pic a pic for reference? TIA!
  13. Congrats!
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  15. My bad.... It was on the first page, so I didn't even look at the date.