My search for the ideal bag... HELP!

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  1. I am planning on also buying an Azur so I can have a day/beachy bag. I know alot of people shame the fact of thinking of taking an LV to the beach, but I love NF's for pool days and beach days (obviously on towels and free of water). So my question is, what does everyone think of a NF GM Azur even if I have a NF GM Mono?? IS it a good bag? How does the color hold up? It will be my first Azur and I've had a NF MM and I like the size, but I LOVEEE my GM.

    Should I invest on a different bag??? What other LV is a good summer/beach/pool/comfy bag???

    Thanks guys!!! :smile:

    BTW, I'm keeping a 1500$ budget for this bag... keep that in mind!! lol
  2. i have both the NF gm in azur and mono!!!! they are great bags!!! i use the azur all year long... but i think it would be a great beachy type bag!!!! and get the GM... it will hold more and you can clinch in the sides to make it smaller!!!
  3. believe it or not the is the only way I wear my NF Mono because I think it's much classier... but I think I wont be cinching the Azur too much because the regular NF style is an ideal beach bag!! Thanks!!! Do you like the patina on your NF azur??
  4. I plan on buying the Totally Mm or GM in azur for my island wedding next July as I too want/need a beachy/summer bag.

    For me though I need a bag that has a zip top for security when travelling. I am kind of debating on the DA Speedy 35 but I'm leaning more towards a tote. :smile:

    The Neverfull is a gorgeous bag imo so I say go for it if the lack of a zipper doesn't bother you. :smile:
  5. i am one of the odd people out that really like my bags with light patina... but as this one darkens it really looks good!!! if it were not for the cracking issues i would buy the DE NF also!!
  6. No I enjoy the openness of the bag,

    BTW!! Saw your new planner, it's gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see your hotstamp!! :smile:
  7. I think the Azur Cabas PM/GM is the perfect beach tote... but it is a bit more than your budget allows... 2nd best is the NF GM since you can fit your towel in it.
  8. Yes I thought about this, however I like that I can also use to NF for lunch, mall, grocery store, etc.

    Cabas is a bit more restricted
  9. I think Azur neverfull GM is perfect for a beach bag. I think the Totally GM would also be good as a beach/pool tote. I think I want one myself now lol
  10. Thanks! :smile:. Going for a color hotstamp with this one! Just can't decide which color! :sad:
  11. I think the blue would really POP!
  12. I asked myself the same question less then a year ago... Meanwhile I am the happy of owner of a Speedy 35 in both Damier Ebène and Damier Azur so if you like it; I would say go for it! For me, NF Damier Azur really has that sun, sea and beach feeling to it :cool:.