My search for a burberry headband

  1. I've searched all over the internet, Does anyone know where to find a burberry head band?!
  2. i suggest to try eBay. they have lots of novacheck & candy check headbands there. good luck!
  3. If you're close to an outlet they sometimes carry them there. I bought mine there, but it was a couple years ago.
  4. I want one too.
  5. Does anyone know the retail prices on them?

    They are no longer at Holt's in Canada so eBay is the only way to go, but I'm not sure if they're authentic. I also don't want to pay over retail for a headband.
  6. Not sure how much they go for-but I wll be going to the orlando outlets in may and I wll check for you
  7. I have seen them at Nordstrom in the past but I have not looked recently.
  8. I want one so badly.
  9. Have you visited or called a Burberry boutique?