My search ends tonight for the perfect black bag-a Michael Kors Chain ID Tote!

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  1. Hello fellow TPFers! Last week I stumbled upon this bag on Nordstrom's designer collections was 60% off (orig. $1,495)! There aren't too many bags you can call 'forever bags' and I'm sooooo beyond thrilled I bought this! There is lot's of eye candy for you all to enjoy. Thanks for letting me share in my excitement!! :dothewave:

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  2. more...

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  3. and a few more...

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  4. So cute! It looks great on you :smile:
  5. Beautiful! I want one of these desperately. It looks marvelous on you, congrats!
  6. Congrats! I love this bag. And you got it at a great deal!!
  7. just beautiful!!!!!
  8. gorgeous bag! is it heavy?
  9. beautiful! i love it! i always wanted a michael kors bag! how'd i miss that?! congrats!
  10. Thank you Alyssa08, Grace123, Sesrup, TWDdavis, Canadianstudies and MCBaglovin!
  11. As I find with most bags, when empty it's not bad but then when you fill it up with your things it is a little heavy. I think the suede lining doesn't help-boy is it thick! I will say that it's very comfortable on my shoulder.
  12. Love it!!! bag twins (although different colors LOL) Enjoy!

    Thanks for letting me know about the pics!
  13. It's beautiful! Looks great on you.
  14. [​IMG]

    Very the chain detail!
  15. absolutely stunning!