my seafoam purse and my flat brass flap!!!

  1. o.k., i am trying to steady myself, BUT I AM IN LOVE!!!

    I BOUGHT THE purse from seahorseinstripes and the flat brass flap from aaalabama, AND THEY ARE BOTH PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I knew what to expect from the purse (seahorse has kept her in wonderful condition:heart: ) but the flap bag, FREAKED ME OUT!!!!

    ALL of my stuff from the purse, FITS IN THE FLAP (A LITTLE MORE SNUG, but fits!!!!)

    The leather is INCREDIBLE>>>>>>>>>>

    i will post pics as soon as my camera charges (ALSO A NEW PURCHASE!!!)

    I AM IN BALENCIAGA HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  2. Please post pics Julie!
  3. julie, i'm sooo glad u love it :love:
    please post pics soon. i really really wanna see u in my old baby :yahoo:
  4. Julie congrats!! We need pics of your gorgeous bags!!
  5. Congratulations! Sounds so good...I can't wait to see the bag porn ;o)
  6. Yay!!!!:yahoo: Congratulations Julie!!!!!:tender:

    Can't wait to see photos......:drool:

    Isn't the fb flap PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I would love to see pictures.
  8. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    I'm so happy for you julielive sweetie. I sure hope this makes you feel lots better.;)

    Of course, post pics soon. I love to drool!!!
  9. congrats!!!!! :yahoo:
  10. Seafoam came in the purse size? :shrugs:
  11. Congrats Julie!!!
    Cant wait to see the pics too!

  12. yes it did and in pewter!!!

    will try and attach pics now (who knows what will come up??)
    254589894108_0_SM.jpg 287600994108_0_SM.jpg 297600994108_0_SM.jpg 344589894108_0_SM.jpg 434589894108_0_SM.jpg
  13. just a few more
  14. The pics won't let you enlarge them!:confused1: From what I can see I really like the second pic. Great bags!
  15. heres the last of them
    524589894108_0_BG.jpg 564589894108_0_SM.jpg 654589894108_0_SM.jpg 674589894108_0_SM.jpg 924589894108_0_BG.jpg