My scores this week

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  1. I was able to get these shoes for my wife with the help of my GREAT SA at NYC Saks. She recently became a fan of CL's so I felt compelled to scratch the itch.

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  2. Gorgeous! I love those mary janes! :tup: Your wife is very lucky. :P
  3. You are so sweet and thoughtful!!! They are very lovely!
  4. congrats to your wife! how sweet are you? LOVE the mary janes!! wow!
  5. Awww, i wish my DF would buy me CL's randomly! Only get them on special occassions!!

    Your wife is very lucky :smile:
  6. Great choices!
  7. Those are great! What a lucky woman your wife is.
  8. What a wonderful husband you are! Your wife is one lucky lady.
  9. That's one great haul!
  10. Fabulous pairs you chose! Your wife is so lucky!
  11. Fabulous choices!
  12. Gorgeous shoes!!! Your wife is one lucky lady!!!
  13. Lovely pairs-love the nudes. What a lucky lady your wife is.
  14. love nude color!
  15. :heart: the MJs - what great choices!