My Score at Hermes SF!!!

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  1. So yesterday I was in the city for a shopping trip, with the highest priority being H of course ;) My SA wasn't there, and unfortunately they didn't have the Clarisse I was looking for (guess he meant Hermes nationwide and not H SF when he said "we" have it). After finding a pair of sandals I looked at a circular canvas beach bag that I liked, but really wasn't wanting to pay $740 for :Push: Seeing the indecision in my eyes, the SA I was working with said she'd look for a larger one in the back. A couple minutes later, she comes out with a Fourre-Tout :nuts: Now this is a bag I love, one I thought I'd have no chance of finding two years after it's discontinuation.

    "How much is it?" I ask, thinking even if it's the same as the roll bag I still must have it

    "Let me check."

    *takes tag off and walks away, leaving me to ogle it*

    *comes back*

    "It's $470." :yahoo:

    "I'll take it!"

    While she packed up my purchases I got to check out the other clients in the store- a lady with her dog wearing a big sun hat, a pretty Middle Eastern woman with a white matte croc Birkin, and a guy with an AmEx Centurion on file :lol: Needless to say I wasn't the biggest sale of the day.

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  2. congrats -thats a winner!
  3. Wow, what fun! Great bag, so glad you found it - especially as it was totally unexpected! Sounds as if you were working with a good SA - I always have such up and down experiences there! Remember who your SA was by chance?
  4. Here are the the sandals I got, the "Isolella." Pretty basic, but the fit is amazing (not too narrow at the pad or too long at the toe like most sandals) and I love the black/grey strap, which goes perfectly with most of my wardrobe. It also came with this odd little mesh (pool?) bag in lieu of a dustbag.

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  5. *searches for card*

    Her name's Annie :yes:
  6. Ah yes, she does a great job for a couple of my friends! Glad you found so much fun stuff!
  7. Congrats ValleyO on your bag and sandals. Great shopping trip.
  8. Congrats on the bag and your new sandals!
  9. What fun! Love you new goodies! Enjoy in good health!
  10. Great goodies! Congratulations!!!
  11. SF is my "home" store and Annie is my SA. She has really worked hard for me over the years; knows what I like and always calls when they receive somehting that suits me. I'm not one of the store's biggest spenders for sure but Annie got my first SO through for me this year.:tup:

    I'm so glad that she was able to help you find something that you really like.
  12. congrats!nice goodies!
  13. Cute stuff!!
  14. Glad to see that this store's rep has improved!:tup:

    And congrats on your new bag...
  15. It's awesome you found what you were looking for! Congrats!