my school's VP uses LV!

  1. [​IMG]
    our school vice president

    a monogram shawl? bandeau? or what?
    is it real? just wanted to share it. :flowers:
  2. sorry to say, but that looks like one of the most popular fake LV scarfs :push:
  3. I think it's fake.. but it might be a model I've never seen before.
  4. I can't see anything. :confused1:
  5. Looks fake to me.
  6. It's a really popular fake..
  7. looks fake lol sorry
  8. I am pretty sure it is fake.
  9. FAKE!!!:yucky:
  10. I have had a Russian math teacher, and she was wearing this beautiful shawl the other day. When she turned around I noticed it was LV!
    Too bad she isn't my teacher anymore, otherwise we would have at least one similar interest... (I hate maths :p. Her daughter has this great Burberry coat too... At first I thought they were very snobbish, but it turns out, she had worked really hard for that €1200 coat! By the way, if I had to save up that amount of money, I wouldn't buy a coat (rather a bag or Jimmy Choos) but allrighty...)
  11. looks like a fake
  12. I agree with you all but it looks fake to me..
  13. fake
  14. Interesting! I would think teachers would be a little more informed! LOL!
  15. Well since most don't make that much, I am sure they are always looking for a deal. Of course to me a deal wouldn't involve fake anything.