My School was Robbed of $20,000!!! Please HELP!

  1. On Tuesday, April the 24th, my school, The Main Street School of the Performing Arts (commonly called MSSPA) in Hopkins, Minnesota, USA was buglarized.

    Now if this had happened at any other school it would still be horrible and traumatic, but it is even worse that it happen at mine. My school is less than 3 years old (im in the 1st senior class) and has about 200 students and is a public charter school. The problem with that is that charter schools in Minnesota can't raise funds by increasing local taxes like big high schools can. IE: We more than often short on funds and supplies and have to rely on fund raising to pay for things like dances (our promis on May 19th) and renting performance venues.

    Up until now we've relied on the generosity of corporations, families, and charities, but now a huge portion of our schools funds are gone forever. Insurance will pay for some but nowhere near enough. We have a year end goal of $15,000 and are already almost half way there. We are doing everything we can to raise money (bake sales, we had a senior car wash today, and teaches are even motivating us b offering to shave their heads if we get 15$K.)

    So know i turn to you members of tPF. Your generosity would be much appreciated and is tax deductable. As of now, we do no have the abiliy to take donations online, but here is a link to our donation page where you can send in donations directly to the school. Any amount helps. Even spare change or equipment.

    Thankyou all.

    Here is the full story. If you have any ?s or concerns PLEASE PM ME!

  2. We don't allow personal donations, but this thread goes ok. I wish your school best of luck!
  3. Thankx Vlad. Donations aren't the primary goal of this thread. Just putting out there because I really wanna see my Music teacher get a tattoo. Oh yeah i forgot to mention that. My music teahcer said he would get a tattoo and 3 of the teachers are going to camp out on the school lawn for a week in we raise 15$K! Another is going to get dreads!
  4. Bump?
  5. Your school has insurance right? I think it is required by law in USA?
  6. Yes, but the admin explained to us that the money stolen is not entirelry coverd by insurance. Plus we need money to rekey the school for a 2nd time which insurance will NOT pay for. :cursing:
  7. If checks were stolen, can't they just be stopped and reissued? School shouldn't be out any actual money, other than the 400 or 500 in cash stolen, no? Also, usually theft is covered 100% by insurance.

    I am sorry the school was broken in to, but something is not adding up here.
  8. ITA :yes:
  9. Oh John, I'm so sorry to hear about your school!
  10. I don't understand...what are you trying to say? Are you saying John is lying or making this up? Sorry, but I don't understand what you and others mean when you say that 'something is not adding up.' :confused1:
  11. I agree. Another thought, what if each of the parents of the 200 students donate $100 each? You get your $20K without having to solicit money from outside sources. Just a thought.
  12. Surely $20,000 in cash was not lying around the school!
    Why hadn't that kind of money been deposited at the bank? I realize this is after the fact, but folks, if you have a huge fund raiser over the weekend, go the the night deposit and get that money secure.
    Believe me I've stayed up most of the night, after more than one fund raiser counting the money, to take to the night deposit. ( hopefully in the company of a burly DH!)
    Its a drag but I'm convinced the ONE night I leave thousands of dollars in cash at my home, is the ONE night my house will burn down!
    OK sorry to go off on THAT tangent.. I just really encourage people to NOT keep lots of cash around ESPECIALLY if it belongs to a school, non-profit or some other entity for which are acting in a fiduciary capacity.
    I really hope your school is able to get their money back some way! Good luck!
  13. Oh, that would be me. I absolutely don't think the OP is lying, I read the articles that were posted and the majority of the loss came from checks which hopefully can be reissued.

    Also, and I'm sure this is totally out of line and some will disagree, but I don't think soliciting donations here is appropriate.

    Good luck John, I really hope they find out who did it and that you can get the money returned.
  14. Yes Betty, you make a good point about parents contributing to meet their goal, BUT the point is that we can give that same advice to anyone on the forum who seeks financial support from us members.

    Please, join me in supporting March of Dimes WalkAmerica ([​IMG] 1 2)

    The 'tone' or the underlying message of some people's responses to this thread bothers me. I think it is unfair and mean, especially because I met John during our Minneapolis TPF gathering.

    So we can accept some people's requests and fund them or wish them well, but not others? :confused1: Can't we just wish everyone the best in what they hold dear to their hearts and move on? Why belittle what they value with mean comments? :confused1:
  15. OK Gr8heart, do you really think my comments were mean? I really didn't mean them to come across that way. Many of us here have organisations that we're involved with that require tonnes of money (eg. my son is in a special needs school that has NO playground, no bikes, very little therapy room and we're desperately trying to raise money to ensure that these kids get what they need, basic things like speech therapy).

    I really wish John the best and hope that their problem can be solved. I think everyone that's posted here has expressed their commiserations about the school and what has happened is a crappy thing.