My Scarlett has arrived!!!!

  1. Wahay about time too! After all the hassle with customs charging me too much VAT, my lil' scarlett has finally made it home!(the seller listed the retail price on the shipping form, and not the price I paid! Im able to claim the difference back, but its hassle!:rolleyes: )

    I love the colour as I wanted it to match my coat. That sounds crazy but the UK's unpredictable weather means that 85% of the year you will be wearing a coat, and black or brown doesnt go with my coat Im wearing in the pic, but the desert colour of this kooba goes well I reckon!:yes: The scarlett looks darker in the pics of it on my shoulder, but thats because if I used the flash there would have been a glare in the mirrror

    The scarlett leather is fabulous! Soooo soft but strong! Now I understand why everyone talks about 'fondling' koobas!

    Im off to put some protector spray on her now, then Im going out later to introduce my scarlett to the sights of London! :lol:
    scarlett 001.jpg scarlett 002.jpg scarlett 004.jpg scarlett 005.jpg
  2. Yikes - all that customs stuff sounds too familiar to me. I had asked a friend to buy a Ginger for me in the US, which had been kindly submitted to customs as having a $49.99 value, but Canadian customs opened it and charged me tax based on the tag! It was like $50 in duties, which sooo did not make me happy.

    The Scarlett looks fabulous on you, darling! Now how I'd love to see the sights of London myself! ;)
  3. congrats!!
  4. Looks terrific on you Halzer! I'm glad you finally got it, even though the hassle, it'll be worth it to you. What do you think of the size? I think it's perfect for everyday. Can't carry books or water but otherwise perfect.
  5. LOL! Yep Lexie,the size is just right for a 'run-around' bag! I can get my wallet, cosmetic bag, glasses etc. inside. All the essentials! :yes:
    I love the thickness of the leather! Am I right in thinking that the new spring line of Kooba's leather are thinner?
    I have seen a cute looking Kelsey on eBay, but if its thin then I might pass and wait until the Fall line comes out.
  6. Congratulations.
  7. Most Siennas I see are made of a thicker more sturdy leather than some of the other bags. The Spring line definitely features a lightweight leather that is much thinner (and maybe less durable) than the Sienna. You'll have a hard time wearing that bag out. I personally don't know about the Kelsey.
  8. It's beautiful!

    *pea green with envy*

    'Tomorrow is another day...'
  9. Oh! :heart: I love the size and the color. You look wonderful with it too. :yes:
  10. That Scarlett looks fab on you, Halzer, (every time you girls model these Koobas, I find myself craving for them (even the ones I previously didn't pay much attention...)

    You go and parade that Scarlett up and down Oxford Street, Halz!, wish I could join you, we were supposed to go to a wedding in July (my husband's from London, lots of relatives and friends still there), but the bride got herself pregnant:nuts: and the whole thing got cancelled (not impressed, LOL) Just remember that colour is a bit sensitive...
  11. LOL Maggie! Im curious why the bride cancelled the weddding? Didnt she want a bump on the big day, or had she been playing away? Yep..Im nosey like that! :lol:
    I took the scarlett out, but I 'kiwi-ed' it good and proper first! Lucky that I did as we went to the park and it got water splashed on it, but the kiwi protector held up 100% fine. The drips didnt sink in and I just blotted it with a tissue...and the leather looked perfect, as if nothing had happened.

    I would vouch for the Kiwi protector spray now :yes:
  12. Oh, that didn't even cross my mind (I'm such an innocent..I wish..LOL), guess she just doesn't want the bump, but didn't like the way the screwed up my plans for a serious shopping trip:crybaby:

    But maybe I should be quiet, it's 12.48 am here and the only reason I'm up is because I had to put in my last bids on two pair of Tod's on eBay...(which I just won:yahoo:)
  13. So what is the limit before you have to pay customs in the UK, Halzer? It's $1000 here, which covers any Kooba I might get my greedy hands on, isn't that beautiful?:yahoo:
  14. Can you believe that the UK customs maximum limit before you can be charged is only £18 pounds (about $36 USD!) Thats daylight robbery.

    The only kooba I can get for 18 quid or under is a fake, and even that would have to be ripped and have acid stains for it to go for that price!:rolleyes:

    Curses to Tony Blair!!!
  15. ^^^
    Good God, that's totally ridiculous, really makes it hard to shop online (mind you, living in London, you won't be as desperate as me...)