My scammer is on Facebook!

  1. Hiya lovelies,

    Something interesting has happened tonight whilst I've been on Facebook...I was searching for friends from my email contacts list, and who should appear as a member on Facebook? A scammer from eBay who sold me a fake Chanel bag for almost £400. I tried to return the bag twice according to PayPal's instructions, only for it to be returned twice over a month-long period as the addresses were both fake. I spent almost another £45 on postage and packaging (signed for delivery both times, to international destinations). My bank has literally just done a chargeback after PayPal did nothing!

    Anyway, I'm really tempted to send all her friends on Facebook an email telling them what she did. How many scammers do you think would die for their friends to know just how dispicable they are? I'm telling myself that karma will make her pay, but damn, it's lovely just daydreaming about I evil for even having such thoughts? :shame:
  2. I returned a pair of gucci shoes i recieved SNAD and she refused to sign for them but becasue i entered the tracking number in paypal they gave me the refund- and i still have the shoes!
  3. I would request her to be your friend- then maybe you can get more info about her- sometimes on facebook people will disclose their name & address, etc.
  4. Revenge sounds great, but she's not really worth your time. Plus who wants to rehash it all up now that it's done and you've been reimbursed (one way or another).
  5. omg! i found my scammer on facebook too! he scammed me on Amazon marketplace and sent me an entirely different textbook!! anyway, i tried messaging him a couple times but he ignored me.
  6. Lol I've had that happen too, only with non-paying bidders.
    But I wouldn't waste my time, then they'd know YOU and what YOU look like as well so that could turn out badly in the long run.
  7. I agree, don't waste your time on her. At least you got your money back and that's all that counts.
  8. You probably shouldn't waste your time, but I have to admit it is tempting!:devil:
  9. egh, not worth wasting time on IMO, they would also have access to info about you..kwim!
  10. Oh so tempting - maybe not the best thing, but I think I'd maybe tell a few people. Just to take the edge off :graucho:
  11. Tempting l know but remember she has your name and address and may well give you problems at a later date. Is it really worth all the hassle and grief she may well cause you?
  12. Agree with others, probably better just to let it go.
  13. Interesting! I just found a picture of the person who scammed me on there! Grrr...
  14. That is so weird! How did you guys know that they were your scammers?!

    ...And alwaysinvogue, I agree with the others, don't worry about it now - you never know what you might be getting into!
  15. For me, I know the person's name and I know where she lives! I don't think it's a common name. It's definitely her. I'm not that familiar with facebook, so I just signed up to search for her. Anyone know what "poke" does???