My scalp got I have dandruff!!

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  1. I went on a lovely cruise last week with my boyfriend and we had a great time. Unfortunately, I sunburned my scalp after tanning on the deck for a few days!! It was red and stung for 2 or 3 days but it's pretty much back to normal now except I have huge flakes/dandruff! Has anyone else had this happen to them? I don't know whether I should use special shampoo (ie. Head & Shoulders) to treat like regular dandruff or just simply play the waiting game. I feel so ick..
  2. Ack, don't use harsh dandruff shampoo. The flaking is your scalp recovering from the burn - it should go away in a short amount of time. Think of it as you would a burn on another part of the body - it needs soothing, cooling relief. Do you have a shampoo with aloe vera in it?

    Hope it heals soon! :flowers:

    P.S. I'm envious of your cruise! Where did you go?
  3. My guts tell me to wait it out too :sad: I feel like staying in until I fully recover but I can't! Oh woe is me.

    I went to Miami, Key West, and Cozumel !
  4. Oooh that sounds like a great vacation! I agree with fabgrabs, definitely let it heal on it's own. Ouch, sorry to hear about it!!
  5. Oh gosh. Don't remind me. The same thing used to happen to me every year when I went to Warped Tour. The peeling will go away in a few days. Using your regular shampoo and conditioner is just fine. The only thing I recommend you do is look over your hair very carefully before you go out and don't scratch unless you have a comb nearby.
  6. LOL, that's happened to me several's just like normal fabgrabs says, you just have let it take its gentle when you brush, does it hurt in the shower?;)

    And next time you're out galivanting on some yacht, wear a hat, LOL
  7. I would definitely use a gentle shampoo and conditioner. make sure the conditoner really moisterizes.

    when the sun hits the skin, it dries it out. So this must be the case with your scalp and that is why its flaking off. I would definitely go for a gentle yet moisterizeing shampoo and confitioner.

    Frederick Fekkai shine collection has olive oil. which is very good for your hair. Or even try the Dove shampoos and conditioners! they smell great
  8. bumble and bumble makes a gentle shampoo (called "gentle shampoo", lol) that could help soothe your scalp.

    nexxus makes good moisturizing shampoos as well.
  9. Ouch...I hope it gets better:flowers:
  10. Try something with aloe if possible. This used to happen to me as a kid, being in the sun I'd get blisters nearly on my scalp because of the harsh sun.

    someone told me not wearing a center-part could help prevent it (like put your hair up/half-way instead, that way your scalp isn't as exposed...)

    Hope it heals soon! :smile:
  11. I've had this happen before--and with black hair, it's not pretty! Just let your scalp heal on its own, and try to remember a hat for future cruises!
    Take Care!
  12. It's just peeling - like any other bad sunburn does.

    Sounds like it was a great vacation though!
  13. that just sounds so painful. sorry you have it. ive never gotten a sunburn, so no suggestions. i just wanted to send you some cyber hugs! good luck!!
  14. The dandruff problem is gradually going away!! I told everyone at work about my sunburned scalp because I didn't want them to think I had dandruff normally lol. I've been air drying my hair, which I think helped a lot.