My Sassy Girl

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  1. Has anyone here seen the Korean Version of My Sassy Girl? Apparently they're coming out with an American Version staring Elisha Cuthbert,(from "the girl next door") I really hope that they don't ruin it and make the movie really bad. I can honestly say that I can see it being ruined though, but I hope not. I really enjoyed that movie.

    My Sassy Girl (2007)

  2. i've seen it.

    i'm sure they're going to mess it up. look what they did with the lakehouse.
  3. It's an amazingly cute (and good) movie. Watch it with subtitles! (If you watch it once with and once without, I think it makes the movie better :9 I have to do that with any movie that isn't in English/Spanish/Cantonese...)

    In any case, there is no way that they can do any justice to this movie, especially with Elisha Cuthbert. And like Nancy said, with what they did to the Lake House, I seriously just cringe at the thought of another remake .__.,
  4. OMG, cute movie! My friends always make fun of another friend who seems to veer twards these domineering, crazy females. He's definitely got a Sassy girl fetish.
  5. I'd heard about this before production even began, but I still can't imagine a Hollywood version of My Sassy Girl, to be honest. I have a feeling they'll change much of the story to suit the American audience, but even then I don't think it'll attract as many viewers as the Korean version. I liked the original film, but it's not one of my favorites. I loved the ending, it was a surprising twist. And it definitely catapulted Jeon Ji Hyun to stardom, that's for sure. I heard she's heading to Hollywood as well.
  6. Ahh!Nice!
  7. A remake? With Elisha Cuthbert??


    The bf actually chose the movie for us to watch after hearing some very good things about it! Now, he totally digs Elisha, but I think even he will have serious doubts about a remake starring her :p
  8. oh I loved the original. it was sooo good. I really hope its not ruined with an american version though. It seems like whenever they make american versions of asian movies it always turns out worse... (i.e. Shall we dance)
  9. The movie is so cute and sweet. The other one called, My tutor friend was good as well. Think it was one of the series of the sassy's. Korean movies are the bomb!! Hehe :yahoo:
  10. yeah I just don't think that the american version is gonna be any good at all!!
  11. i agree,they convey emotions differently
  12. ya. My Sassy Girl is sooooo good. I'm not Korean but I've watched it with English subtitles (actually I have the vcd) and i LOVE it. There is NO way an American version will ever do it justice. there are just too many quirky Korean customs that won't translate well in an American adaptation. I will not see the American version if it's ever released.
  13. aww i hope they dont kill it. i remember crying so much at the part when she was apologizing on the mountain. =/
  14. I am seriously grossed out that Elisha Cuthbert is going to be My Sassy Girl
  15. I completely understand what your saying. Of all the talented actresses out there, she had to be the one they chose?!