My SA's weren't very friendly today...

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  1. So I was out shopping and decided to stop at Coach to check out the new stuff & pick up the scarf print makeup bag to match my tote. I told the SA I wanted to order the frog keychain (stupid me forgot the style number at home). She couldn't find it in the computer and told me that I must have seen a fake.

    I tried to tell her about tPF and drilldown and between the 3 SA's they all giggled and rolled their eyes at me and told me it had to be fake. They told me that if they didn't know about the style, that it didn't exist. I was going to call back with the style number b/c I really wanted it, but they were so snooty about it that I don't really want to deal with them again. :tdown:

    For those that have gotten the frog keychain, how did you order it? Did you give your SA the style number?
  2. I would call them back and tell them the number and and tell them to shove it. Stupid think they know it alls!
  3. Goodness! Thats what I'm talking about. They lost a sale for no other reason than sheer rudeness. Terrible! I'm sorry that happened to you! Get your keychain elsewhere.
  4. Wow. When I went to the boutique in Vancouver, the girls were SO nice - I couldn't believe it! (Hence the reason I ended up doubling my budget) It sucks you ran in to such jerks. You'd think they'd have more respect for the people who are making sure they get pay-cheques every month!
  5. my sa's were rude yesterday. screw them- don't you dare give them your business!
  6. I'm so sick of these rude sa's!!!!!!!

    why do we continue to give them our business?

    I'm really starting to think like some of the others here about moving on. I'm sick of giving tons of money to rude people, having to return bags because of defects, these things ain't cheap.

    Coach needs to get their sh!t together quickly, more professional and knowledgable sa's, better customer service and better quality control. these are not dollar store bags
  7. I honestly don't understand how it is possible to work in such a customer service oriented field and yet be so rude. I honestly don't understand how these people have jobs.
  8. I would seriously go back in there with the style number and order it. Then when they pull it up, say something along the lines of "Still think it's fake? You should really be more informed about your products if you work here."
  9. yup.yup, its sad u know more about their products tthan them
  10. I would definately atleast go back with the style # just to show them you are not crazy.. they are!! Even if you don't order it from THAT store.. atleast get the last laugh!! !
  11. That's what I would do. Then say, Buh-bye! I'm reporting you snoody, uptight ignoramooses to Corporate and taking my business ELSEWHERE!

    I mean they laughed! :tdown: That's what would have done it for me!
  12. I wouldn't necessarily go back and order the keychain, but I WOULD either go in person with the style number or give them a call and give it to them. "Just so you know, here is the style number of the keychain I wanted. You said it didn't exist and it does, so I'm just giving you a heads up. You really should be more informed about your own products. You could have had a sale today. Too bad you lost a loyal customer."

  13. This is what I would do......and then tell them where they could shove said keychain.
  14. You sould absolutely go back in their with the style number and have them look it up, but don't order it there just tell them they need to take more pride in their job and do some research on their product. That's just unacceptable.
  15. Totally pm the number of that store. I'd be MORE than happy to call them tomorrow and order that FAKE keyfob....and tell them, in a very nice manner of course, what I think of their customer service and knowledge of products! Those b*&^%$!!!!
    Seriously, I am so sick of this attitude by some of these ignorant, and RUDE SAs at some store! :cursing: