My sapphire and diamond wedding band!!!

  1. My FI and I ordered my wedding band a few weeks ago and didn't expect to receive it until after the holidays. We got a call last night that it was in the store, so I went to pick it up this morning. I am so in love with it, and know that it will be an agonizing ten months before I can officially wear it.

    The wedding band is platinum with 9 sapphires (.50 carat) and 9 round diamonds (.15 carat). My ring size is 4.25. The ring was handmade and I wish I could capture the detailing (milligraining, etc), but my picture taking skills are a little lacking

    Sorry for the gross, old lady hands. I don't think I can wear anything else on my fingers because they are so short...hehe.
    Picture 477.jpg Picture 478.jpg Picture 479.jpg Picture 484.jpg sl8.jpg
  2. Your wedding ring looks beautiful. Quite unusual.
  3. i love it so much! sapphires are gorgeous :smile:
  4. I love it and it looks great! Congrats!
  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!
    I wear a diamond and sapphire rt hand ring, I get a lot of comments, I KNOW you will too!
    It's gorgeous!
  6. Love sapphires and diamonds together. Very pretty. And your other ring is beautiful too.
  7. cOngrats SULI~! It's beautiful :yes:
  8. The ring is beautiful! The sapphires are a great color.
  9. very nice rings, congratulations! :smile:
  10. beautiful, i love it! my second engagement ring was a shaphire, flanked by two diamonds.
  11. Absolutely stunning....congrats!
  12. Beautiful and stunning!
  13. Suli, it's beautiful! And your hands are NOT gross, not one bit! You should see my hands, lol, they're calloused and torn up. They look like man hands.:push:
  14. I love your sapphire ring. Very pretty!!!
  15. very pretty!