My Sapin Work

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I've been dreaming about this bag ever since I saw it at NM Short Hills. I bought it from BalNY this weekend and Daphne even gave me the ever elusive Balenciaga box! :jammin:
    Sapin1.jpg Sapin2.jpg Sapin3.jpg
  2. Great color! Enjoy your new Bbag!
  3. It's beautiful !! :yes: :heart: ;) I love the color :tender:

    thanks for sharing with us.
  4. that is a great bag. you lucky duck
  5. Beautiful Bag!!!!!!

    Elusive box, really?!?! I have SOOOOOOOOOO many of them (as a matter of fact, my husband is ALWAYS complaining about how much 'room' they take!).
  6. Really??? I usually get my bags from Neimans and have never received a box! :crybaby:
  7. Gorgeous bag! I love the leather and texture of the rouge and sapin bags this season...
  8. Hmmmm ... maybe the smaller boutiques have the boxes?!?! Whenever I've purchased my bags from Gretta Luxe, Aloha Rag or Joan Shepp, I've gotten a box (and let me tell you - the boxes for the Weekenders are pretty BIG!!!).
  9. :nuts: I think this is the first time the sapin color made me drool! congrats!!!
  10. GORGEOUS!!! I love it!!!

    I think the boxes add costs for the retailers, from what I've been told by sellers.
  11. It's gorgeous Esiders!! I love the Sapin color and it looks fantastic on the Work size. Congratulations!
  12. Gorgeous!! I seen the Sapin yesterday at Short Hills, its such a nice color.
  13. fabulous bag and fabulous color!
  14. It's so gorgeous!!!! Enjoy it! :yahoo: