My Sapin Box is Here!!!!!!

  1. Here it is! I really was worried if I was going to like this color. Even though I wanted a green...I really wanted a different shade but I think I really like it. The leather looks awesome so I am very happy. I just hate thinking of what I have to do next...pick some to go!:sad:


  2. so cute! congrats on your cutie box.
  3. I love it! The box style is so great, I wish that wasn't discontinued.
  4. Very pretty, MRG. A great neutral color.
  5. Congratulations!! I love sapin!! Such a gorgeous color!
  6. OOOH congrats it's really classy:yes:
  7. Congrats!!! I love the color of sapin.
  8. Thanks girls! I love this style!
  9. MRG i love the Box style in Sapin color. Congrats.:yahoo:
  10. congrats!!! i do love the green. and i see what u mean with the leather, it's how i like it!
  11. BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLL!!!! I love the color and leather!!!!!!:love: :love: :love: YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: Congrats!!!!!!:yahoo:
  12. The leather looks so yummy!!! I am so hungry now, I want to eat it...
  13. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments! The leather is so slouchy...I LOVE it!
  14. What a lovely Box! Sapin is beautiful. Great choice!
  15. Sapin is my favorite of the newer colors. I really envy you your box, too. Good for you for finding such an excellent and rare bag!