My sandstone twiggy has arrived...*PICS*...but....

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  1. is it too similar to neutral?


  2. [​IMG]

  3. See what I mean? Sandstone and Neutral together...


    And if they are too similar, which one would you keep?
  4. sandstone is warmer definitely! but i like both
  5. Very pretty twiggy, congrats on the awesome leather!
  6. Not that similar I don't think - kind of like sapin and emerald aren't. They're both lovely tho'.
  7. :nuts:I love it!!! the leather is so soft and the colour is beautiful, you should keep it! it's a different colour to the other one!
  8. gorgeous color and leather! congrats! i think the colors are different enough to justify keeping both. but if it bugs you, maybe get the sandstone/naturel in a different style?
  9. Beautiful bag!! Congrats!
  10. It is not similar, I think the natural has a greyer undertone. Both are keepers!
  11. I agree with everyone else, they are both keepers because they are different.
  12. I think Sandstone is a little bit darker/warmer. They both looks nice
  13. :nuts: I love both but prefer the sandstone!!! Nice comparison shots!
  14. Thanks everyone, I welcome your input.
  15. [​IMG]

    They match the colors of your Avatar bunny!!! I'd keep both!! :yes: