My Sandstone PT had a really bad day!!!

  1. She got snowed on! :wtf:
    Rained on!! :crybaby:
    And had coffee spilled on her!!! :cursing:

    And she still looks fabulous!!!!!!

    OMG I love this color!!!

    BBags are tougher than we give them credit for!!!
  2. Yes - they are! My new Emerald Day had a bad day too (so did I). I got a letter in the mail about a month ago that I had an unpaid parking ticket - from my own workplace. I've never parked illegally and I never saw a ticket. Sure, it's been windy - but I really wanted to know why I had the ticket.

    But, the one and only policeman on campus cannot be located during my breaktimes. Meantime, my registration was up and the DMV wouldn't let me register until I paid, and I was irritated and didn't want to pay the ticket till I knew what it was for.

    So I got pulled over. I NEVER eat in the car, but today I misplanned and I was eating in the car. When the cop asked for my ID, I was thrilled to reach for my Day - and yep, it got some miscellaneous foodstuff on it. I thought I would die. I came home to do the cornstarch thingie - but really couldn't locate the spot all that well.

    I do know this: I am much better off with darker colored bags.

    I also learned something else: I have developed a strong tendency to leave my camel bag at home unless I know I'm mentally organized.

    A whole bunch of other irritating stuff happened today, too - but it was the condition of my bag that concerned me the most. That's when I knew I should probably take a deep breath....
  3. Don't worry...i tends to do too, sometimes i'm not careful and ended up dirty my bbag esp those lighter colors....esp during the rainy days, i can't avoid even though i tried to be really careful...that's why i always try not to carry those lighter colors bag so often esp here in asia, the weather is hot and it's hard to predict when the rain comes....:smile:
  4. LOL! are you in Chicago also :yucky:
  5. I'm in Minneapolis. Did you have the rainy/snowy nonsense going on there too?? :rolleyes:

    I am over it!!!! I want Spring!
  6. We have spring and winter all in one day here (SoCal - woke up, it was warm and sunny, then it got windy and snowed up in the mountains).

    You're brave to take Miss Sandstone out in the winter time - I'm glad nothing bad happened to her.
  7. I hate having bad days. I haven't had anything happen to my bbag....yet but I did spill soda on my brand new (2 days old) speedy!!! Luckily it cleaned right up and didn't stain. Hope you get the ticket situation worked out.
  8. Aren't Bbags totally awesome? Any other bag would have been toast. I once dropped a whipped cream tart face down on my brand new rouge theatre twiggy and she cleaned up without a mark.

    Of course, whipped cream doesn't come close to coffee. I think I would have peed my pants if I were in your shoes.
  9. Glad to hear your sandstone survived! Hooray! :yahoo:
  10. happy to hear that ur baby is safe :smile:
  11. hurray for the beautiful but tough sandstone! i'm afraid to take my anthracite twiggy out because of the rain the snow (where is spring?!). but after these stories...i think she needs to come out of hiding :smile: