My Sandstone Day

  1. This is my first Balenciaga bag! I was so excited when it came yesterday. I absolutely LOVE the color :yahoo:
    IMG_0431[1].jpg IMG_0434[1].jpg IMG_0437[1].jpg IMG_04302[1].jpg
  2. Oh my! It's lovely! I love this color.
  3. I'm really falling in love with this color. Enjoy your new baby with pride!
  4. Congratulations.
  5. Thanks! I ABSOLUTELY love this color. It's such a great neutral, I'm so happy I went with this color for my first balenciaga obsession as officially begun :nuts:
  6. Congrats to this beauty!!!
  7. Wow! Sandstone looks awesome in that style... I love the Day AND the color! Congrats :flowers:
  8. It's really pretty! Congrats. :yahoo:
  9. I love Sandstone, too! GREAT pick!:yahoo:
  10. Sandstone is such a beautiful color. congrats!
  11. Sandstone is a beautiful colour...such a great neutral colour, but unusual too. Love it.
  12. Very nice combination!! I don't know if I had seen a Sandstone Day yet!! It is gorgeous! Great choice! :yahoo:
  13. Very nice! Congrats!
  14. That is just beautiful! Congratulations!

    I wish you well,

  15. WOW!!! Love the Day, and definitely love it in Sandstone. Such a great way to start off your Bbag collection, cdt. Congrats!!! :yahoo: :drool: :love: