My Sample Sale Purchases

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have not posted on the PF for YEARS!

    But my recent additions of YSL from this weeks sale made me want to post!

    My boyfriend works 15 min away from where they are holding the sale, and although I wont get the goods in hand until tomorrow, I wanted to share the pics he took for me last night!

    Lots of Arty Dot rings were for sale $50 each these are the ones I got:


    All Black (x3), Black/White/Amber, and Gunmetal/Amber.
    Three for me and then one black each for my assistants, I'm such a good boss :biggrin:

    I also made him go back later in the day because I read online they restocked some of the Black Patent Downtown bags! And I obviously needed one.

    I just cant tell what size it is... I am dreading if it is the small size. I know not Large, so medium? Can you help?

    PS he would KILL me if he knew I uploaded a bad picture of him.... but I needed it for size comparison. :cool:




  2. Great purchases!! Its so nice of you to get your assistants something, they will be so grateful when they receive the gifts!! And also, you have such a sweet bf!! Congrats!!
  3. I have a mini and a large and I can say they a neither of those. I hope someone else can be more helpful. Congrats on the purchases.
  4. It's a small patent downtown in black for $600. Orig.price was $800 something.
  5. It is a small.

    Price was 895, price tag was still on it!

    Boyfriend is not very observant, not that great of a deal I am furious.
  6. wow, if only i had a boss like you. that's so good of you. sorry to hear you did get the bag at a steal price.
  7. Lucky you.... So close to such an opportunity for great deals and wonderful guy - I doubt mine would go to a sale of any kind for me. Very kind of you to think of your assistants in such a fashion/fun manner.
  8. Great purchase!
  9. Amazing finds...if you don't mind telling me..was this sale in nyc ?? If it is Im definitely interested if its still.going on...
  10. great purchases and you are an excellent boss :biggrin: Aww, don't be mad at your boyfriend for the mistake - buying the wrong size bag, lol! I swear if I could get my hubby to go to a sample sale, I'd never think a cross thing about him ever again! As it is, the man won't even go into a supermarket with me.

    Congrats to you!
  11. Lucky girl! I've Wanted a small black patent downtown forever and those rings are gorgey!
  12. this is amazing what you did..however trusting a guy with the size choice? They always like small bags on women and I am always toting the entire house...he saved your back and shoulders right there :smile:))