My Sallys Reveal

  1. Everyone is in love with Revas but I'm in love with Sallys, too. My collection is small, only 2, compared to my over 8 Revas. Thought I'd share:

  2. cute! love them. especially the leops!
  3. Thanks. The other one is called fig/plum
  4. Ah! Very cute! Love the leopard one! Comparably comfortable compared to the Revas?
  5. Yes they are comfortable. The heel is not too high. Just 2 3/4 inches. My Revas are comfortable, too. I think they are about similar as far as comfort.
  6. I really like both colors!:smile:
  7. I am a Sally addict. Have black with gold, black on black, black with silver peep toe, black suede, bleach (off white) peep toe, and royal tan with gold peep toe. Way more comfortable for me than the Revas.
  8. Wow. You have a lot. I like the black with silver peep toe. That may be my next Sally. I also like the blue patent. I love love patent.
  9. You should post a picture of your Sallys.
  10. I think it is hard to ind the patent ones now. I originally ordered a pair, but they fit tighter than the leather ones, so wound up returning. I should have just gotten 1/2 size up. Love your Fig ones! I will try to do a pic of some of my Sally's. DId you see the new Sallys that Saks had on preorder? Already sold out in my size on a preorder. Bummer.
  11. My size is available but I don't do snake skin. I am sooooo afraid of snakes so I won't wear them on my feet. Ha ha call me crazy but it's true. lol
  12. Very cute! I want to try a pair of these! I'm glad to hear that they are comfortable!
  13. Omgoodness, your Sallys are cute!!!!

    I love both, but really love that plum! Do they still sell that one?
    And btw, did you order half size up or normal size?
  14. Sally's are true to size. I just ordered the black with gold logo from Tory Burch. The fig ones I got on eBay. Very very reasonably priced. They were brand new.
  15. Looove them especially the leopard