My Saleya MM incident --long---


The original Iluvbags
Oct 18, 2005
Somewhere shopping
Sorry but I need to vent.

I have a Damier Saleya MM for sale on ebay and I just received a message from an ebayer saying that she has bought many LV items before and has never seen a piece of cardboard inside. "Sorry," she says. "I'm just very skeptical."

I have a picture of inside of the Saleya in my auction. The inside still has the original packaging because it has never been used. The more structured items like the Saleya and the Alma DO come with cardboard inside.

I was so frustrated. The thing about ebay that really gets under my skin are emails like this. Its like the person wants me to write a essay to them about why I think they should buy my item.

As a seller I often have really long descriptive auctions and always answer questions as soon as i can. But when I get someone like this who thinks they are a know it all and are SO wrong--I get really frustrated.

I answered the email and told her that the item did in fact come that way and to please look at my feedback and she can see my history of buying and selling authentic items. And also to check with her local LV and they could confirm that the Saleya is packaged that way.

I ended the email and told her that if she was still skeptical then she should not bid.

Was that mean? I want to sell my bag but if someone is so reluctant it scares me a bit. What if she tried to do a bait and switch later or something. I dunnno. It seems like too much trouble.

Sometimes ebay can be really frustrating. I don't want to come off as a B**chy seller but I hate to be lumped into the same category as counterfits by getting those type of emails.

I guess its just me.

But if I see an ebay auction that I'm not sure about I contact the seller, ask for more info and make my decision from there.

I don't harrass the seller by saying "are you sure? are you sure its real? how do i know? are you sure? how do I know?" I just don't bid

It just seems dumb. Now i kind of understand why some sellers put in their auctions to not ask about authenticity because its guaranteed.

Getting those kinds of emails from inexperienced LV buyers all day could run you crazy.

Sorry this was so long. Thanks for letting me vent.
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Oct 24, 2006
Yea that's really annoying. Same with the buyers who think that the LV shouldn't be upside down on a speedy. Some people were saying how Jessica Simpson's speedy is fake because it sags.
It's cool that you still replied to her to explain, though. They really don't know.


Jul 20, 2006
i'm not a seller on ebay, but i do purchase on ebay often. i can understand how frustrating it can be, because i've sold clothing/accessories on other forums, and always get the same questions. even if some are annoying, you just have to be patient and put up with it.

i don't ask authenticity questions, but i do often ask for additional pictures. if the pictures in the auction are too small or too blurry, i ask for bigger, clearer pics. most of the time, the seller will accomodate my request and those are the ones i usually end up bidding on. i don't see much point in asking about authenticity because... even if the seller is selling a fake and the auction claims it is "real", they will still answer that the item is authentic. i simply judge from pictures, and whenever i have any doubt, i will post the auction here for more opinions. if i don't feel comfortable with the seller, then i never bid.

don't worry too much. i'm sure there are buyers out there who know their LV. with ebay, there's so many weirdos out there, but there are also honest people. it's just something we all have to deal with if we want to use their service.


Miss Penne' Cotta
Oct 6, 2006
from a buyer's perspective, i'd would ask questions on something i'm curious about but i wouldn't be so annoying haha

good luck selling ur bag :smile:


is a Mommy!!!!
Oct 1, 2006
if I was skeptical about authenticity of an item I would come here and ask someone to authenticate it for me :smile:

that sucks, hope you sell your bag with no troubles!


Nov 24, 2005
Rhode Island, USA
Iluvbags, I think your response to that person was very appropriate. Any time I've sold any LV on eBay, I've had similiar emails from people, too. Good luck with your auction!!


Oct 30, 2006
I wouldn't take it personally, the person just is paranoid which I don't blame her. There are so many scammers on ebay and she doesn't know you.

If something looks funny to me on a listing, I will ask questions about it and I feel I have every right to ask with the amount of money we are paying for LV. She is probably not looking for an essay, just reassurance before she bids.

I understand your frustration because you know that it is authentic, but put yourself in buyer's shoes. It is probably a lot of money she would be paying.


ASO The Today Show
Nov 3, 2006
i so understand your frustration. i get so many people asking me question after question. it's totally like the want me to say "please buy this you will love it i promise you" but i checked and you do have relatively low fb. even though you're a member here anyone can claim that- like how people claim they're part of my poupette and they're not. so i'm sure she's just nervous about spending that much money on ebay. can't say i blame her- it's a lot of money!

that's a lovely bag though- wish i could afford it!


Jan 19, 2006
I would've just said that the cardboard was there to help keep the bag's shape. But goodluck. The Saleya is beautiful, I plan to get one eventually.


Sep 30, 2006
New York
god that would be annoying! thankfully I have never had to use ebay to sell my stuff, I cant even imagine how annoyed I would be with everyone on there!! goodluck selling!! And I plan on getting a saleya eventually also, I love the shape!!


Apr 24, 2006
having only recently come into being a purveyor of LV I can understand the fear that goes along with purchasing online...but i can also relate to your frustration.

in my experience when your trying to play spot the start to look for things that you don't recognize or/are off ie i used to think plastic on handles meant it was fake- but at the tiem after hearing about all the plastic doodads attached meant it was a was a logical conclusion

unfortunately because so many people want LV but don't know there stuff
ebayers are going to be plagued with annoying questions like this for a very long time


Oct 28, 2006
When I bought my Saleya MM (AT LV!!!) the lady took off all the plastic (the bubbles inside, and the blue stuff covering the zipper pulls) and took the cardboard out. I asked her if she could keep it there (just because I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it or return it, and I wanted to keep it perfect.) She said that they HAVE to take it all away. Perhaps some LV boutiques let you keep it in, I don't know. Just relaying my experience.