my saleya mm has been referred to as

  1. luggage TWICE this week. i was asked if i was going away for the weekend by one relative, and today a guy referred to my bag as a 'suitcase'. i wanted to hit him with my 'suitcase'!!!:push:
  2. :sad: suitcase, NO way!
    Its far from that, its a great bag.
  3. :wtf: oh dear, i would've smack him w/'suitcase' too!
  4. Oh please, someone actually called my speedy 30 a duffel bag. Some people just don't get it....
  5. ^^^ Speedy 30 - someone asked why I was carrying luggage to work. Clueless.
  6. Some ppl are so insensitive. They should just say "nice bag" and not stick their foot in their mouths:blah:
  7. Sighs. Yes - I brought my Saleya MM Azur to Christmas dinner at my inlaws and BIL asked if it was a diaper bag.

    Umm, no. That's my purse.:mad:
  8. I saw your bag IRL in front of me at Starbucks this morning! I love that bag...I was staring, I think she thought I was a wierdo! It was perfect.

  9. That's funny!! Someone thought my Speedy 30 was the largest purse they had ever seen!!
  10. Hahaha Is That What I'm In For? I Actually Bought The Saleya Mm Today To Use As A "book Bag". I Rather Like The Bag So Luggage Or Not Im Rockin It All Over Campus Monday
  11. Excuse meee~! Luggage?! The Saleya MM is one of my fave bags! I've gotten compliments with it from so many ppl who not only love the look of the bag but with the Groom bandeau on it.

    In fact, it's one of DH's fave bags in my collection so far. He calls the rest 'matron-looking' or 'ugly'.... :p
  12. ^OT Itsabagslife, your puppy is so cute. What breed is it? TIA

  13. OMG I never thought it was that big either! Smack that suitcase fool!
  14. Wear your luggage proudly:yes:
  15. ^ :smile: i will! i knew you would understand...