My sale purchases are finally here!

  1. Gorgeous purchases... At this very late stage I've become drawn to the Harriet style. Really smart and elegant! :biggrin: Lucky you!
  2. Here they are all together. :smile:
  3. Your purse is lovely :love: I think I need a new purse!
  4. Is that Rose Gold on the Harriet purse? Is it black or nightshade?
  5. Thank you! I love my bags and I love having many of them, but I'm a one purse kind of girl. :smile: Since I have the same purse with me every day it's pretty important that it's beautiful and functional. The Harriet is both of these things, I couldn't be happier with it. :love:
  6. It's black and has yellow gold hardware. :smile:
  7. Fabulous new purchases!! I just love the SS Alexa, I hope you can find another one if you decide not to keep this one, it's such a stunning bag! :smile:
  8. Very classy items, great style :smile:
  9. What a great group shot... They look beautiful.. :biggrin:

    If you need help deciding on the regular or o/s I have the reg ss and happy to take extra pics, modelling shots etc if it'll help :biggrin:
  10. Gorgeous reveal and the group picture looks so elegant! Congrats on your sale purchases!

    The SS Alexa is a gorgeous bag but if you feel it may be too big, maybe you are right to return it. Have you tried filling her with your things, to see how heavy she gets and how she looks as well?
  11. Oh I love that Alexa!
  12. Thanks Daisylou! It is a stunning bag, my favorite from S/S 2012. I'm gonna email CS and see if an exchange is even possible (seen as the bag has been sold out online for a week already).

    Thanks steph!!

    How nice of you to offer Shiny! I'm gonna go visit the M store today and have a look at the reg size Alexa. I'll let you know if that doesn't do it and I need your help. I'm sure no one here would mind pics of the SS Alexa though... :graucho:

    The OS SS Alexa looked gorgeous sitting on the sofa when I left for work in the morning, but it might just be too big for me... It's too expensive of a bag for me to keep and only use rarely.

    Thanks Cupcake! I did fill her yesterday with things that I would be likely to carry in her to uni (book, notebook, pencil case, pouch, purse, umbrella) and she didn't even get that heavy. I like how the bag looks when carried from the handle (and since she's SS she keeps her shape well) but when I carry her from the long strap on my shoulder, the shape of the bag changes to a square shape and since the bag is so big, it looks kind of funny. I don't know if I'm explaining it well.

    Thanks lauren! :smile:
  13. I love love that alexa. Unfortunatly I promised not to buy anything for awhile after my trip to Bicester. So will not be able to get one, until one of you lucky lady's decided its time to pass it on.
  14. I know exactly what you mean! How tall are you, if you don't mind me asking? I'm quite short (4'11") and I had bought the regular SS but returned her - as beautiful as she is and I did try to convince myself to keep her, but I didn't think she suited me. She looks great handheld but when I carry her on my shoulder, she looked too square and maybe a little too big for me, but the mini would be too small for things I need to carry. I tried a different OS yesterday and that looked like an overnight bag on me! :lol:

    Let us know how you get on in the store!
  15. I'm 166cm so a bit taller than you. :smile: I had tried the OS in store before and it didn't seem that large. I guess it's because in store it was stuffed with paper so that it's fuller whereas when I put my own things in it, it's slimmer and square. I think that a reg Alexa would be perfect for me. I was planning on getting a reg Alexa in a new season colour anyway, I just wanted a larger bag for those days when I have more to carry. I guess my larger bag won't be the OS Alexa. :shucks:

    I have a Mini Alexa and she's the cutest thing! She fits my things when I don't need to carry much, but for uni she would be way too small.

    If the OS Alexa is like an overnight bag on you, just imagine how big the postman's lock travel bag would look on you! :lol:

    I'll keep you updated on what I decide, but right now I feel like the Alexa is going back...