My sale purchases are finally here!

  1. Congratulations :smile:
  2. Fab Alexa! Definitely worth the wait :smile:
  3. Gorgeous
  4. Thanks Designpurchaser and steph22! I took some modelling pictures as well but they came out so dark that even adding light and contrast didn't help.

    The bag is gorgeous but I'm still undecided about whether to keep her. She is the OS version so really large! I've tried OS Alexas on in store before, but this one looks huge on me. It holds a lot (which I like), but I'm worried that the Silky Snake print won't like the weight.

    Some of the scales have already lifted a bit and all the hardware bits didn't have plastic on them, so I'm wondering if the bag is a return. It was an expensive bag so I want it to be perfect! I'm just worried that if I return there won't be any left - so it's either this one or none at all. :sad:
  5. There are still two left, and they are both definite keepers! Any guesses?
    IMG_0885.JPG IMG_0886.JPG
  6. Gorgeous!
  7. ooh that Alexa is stunning! Bring it on!
  8. Maybe this will help:
  9. Gorgeous bag :smile:
  10. It seems people aren't in a guessing mood. :smile: Here it is, the Zip Pouch in Black Soft Spongy leather. I wanted a slim pouch that will fit in my bags easily (even the smaller ones) and can hold all my small bits and bobs. This is perfect!
  11. And then it's time for the last one. This is something I've been eyeing from the beginning of the season. The pics might give it away:
    IMG_0895.JPG IMG_0896.JPG IMG_0907.JPG
  12. Harriet purse?
  13. I thought the last pic might give it away. How right I was. :biggrin: My lovely Harriet French Purse!
  14. BEAUTIFUL bag!!!! Stunning! :biggrin:

    How exciting, pouch looks beautiful I wonder what 3 is... ?!?
  15. Thank you all! I'll have to have a serious think whether I'm gonna keep her or not... :thinking: