My sale purchase arrived!

  1. [​IMG]

    I bought this Rachel from the Christmas sale and it arrived today! The color is oak.
    I've never seen this one before or heard about it, but I'm so happy I ordered it! Does anyone here have this? What do you think about it?

    I was actually hoping to get the Indigo East-West bag, but as you know it wasn't included in the preview, so I thought it wasn't going to be discounted at all. So I got this one. And I'm so happy!! :yahoo: I do still love the E-W as well, but maybe some other time then...
  2. That looks great, the pics we take ourselves def do the bags more justice than Mulberrys own ones! Glad your pleased with it :heart:
  3. Hi ,

    Love your new bag , I see this bag in the sale and must say I liked it in green,It looks very practical and roomy.

  4. I love your bag!!! Its lovely!! You must be so pleased,congratulations!!

    Btw,I LOVE your decor and color scheme,sorry to go off topic,but I had to say!!XXXXXXXXX
  5. Love it!!!! Congrats!! Looks like a classic!
  6. It's beautiful. Your photo definitely does it more justice than the site photo. What a great purchase :tup:
  7. I looked at the Rachel in green in the sale too. I've seen the Rachel at Shepton and felt it was a bag that was often overlooked because it's much simpler than the better known designs such as Roxy & Emmy.
    In fact it's a great timeless bag. Congratulations on a fab choice of a great under the radar bag.
  8. Love it! Saw one in Harrods on Friday - one woman was walking around trying to chosse between the 'Rachel' and the 'Knightsbridge'- think she finally went for the Rachel bag!!
  9. I've been admiring this bag on the Mulberry site for months and was also wondering why it hasn't gotten a lot of attention from all of us.
    Would LUV to see modeling pics as well as your description of the bag.....
    easy to carry? can it fit on the shoulder?
    is the bottom structured?
    what's the organization inside?
    easy to get in/out of?
    looks like glove leather.....
    tell us MORE MORE MORE please!
    congrats - I really like it!

  10. Alright, here are some modeling photos and more detailed shots. My husband was kind enough to take these.


    As you can see, I can wear it on my shoulder, but just. If I had a coat or a jacket on, it wouldn't fit. Much better to wear in your arm or the crook of your arm.


    The bag has a zipper on top and inside it is lined and has one zippered pocket.


    And on the front it has one big, flat pocket closed by the postman's lock.


    From the above picture you can also see that the zipper comes down on the sides quite a bit. I haven't worn it out yet, but I would imagine it would be quite easy to get into. And I think I'm just going to love the front pocket. It'll be perfect for my keys and any important bits of paper (addresses, shopping lists, tickets, passport...). If the bag is quite full, I won't be putting anything big in there as it would bulge.

    The leather is called soft grain and the color is actually tan (not oak as I wrote earlier). he bag is quite structured and holds it shape very well. The bottom also seems to be very sturdy (at least compared to my Elgin).

    The more I look at and handle it, the more I love it!

    And chaz, thank you for the compliment on the decor! :smile: The pic was taken in our hallway.
  11. It's fabulous and looks great being carried!
  12. It looks fabulous Lin -
  13. Love your bag and I LOVE Your cloths, you have great taste! :yes: :tup:
  14. It´s a lovely bag and it suits you very well, you look great together! I also thought it to be quite anonymous (sorry, very wrong!) just looking at the website.

  15. It looks great Lina - very understated and elegant - matches your whole look. Many congrats, glad you love it :woohoo: