My sale acquisition, worth it?

  1. Have always loved the understated well made elegance of Ferragamo.
    Got it at more than half off, great price, it is very pretty and well made, standard wallet and I thought it can double as a clutch for evenings as it fits my phone.
    Now thinking whether I should get one of those wallet on chain or mini bags with removable chains...though not sure I will get them at such a great price as I want it in black...hmm what do you think. 20170104_221800.jpg 20170104_221658.jpg
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  2. One more 20170104_221746.jpg
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  3. Beautiful and classy! Love the design. If you found the same with a chain strap - certainly. But the detail gives it a lift over the plain black, I think.
  4. What a beautiful piece! I think the gold stripes add versatility, making it elegant, unique, and can even have a retro flair.
  5. Thanks ladies, it is a beautiful piece but I exchanged it for this, also on sale. I realised I will get better use on this as it can be a clutch, shoulder or crossbody. I am trying put a lot of thought into my purchases and declutter. 20170105_132058.jpg 20170105_132136.jpg
    The wallet was stunning though, maybe some other time.
    Having scoured all brands thoroughly must say Ferragamo has the best quality for price among the luxury brands.
  6. That's a smart buy! Multi-function is a great way to get the most out of your purchase, and declutter at the same time. Enjoy!
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  7. The bag is so cute!! Do you mind if you post a picture what can fit in the bag? I was planning to get this but I thought it would be too small so I got the Ginny instead.
  8. Both are beautiful and I can see why you went with the little handbag. It's adorable. Congrats and enjoy!!
  9. Thanks ilysukixD
    Here you go, it has wipes(big), big sunglasses without case, one plus 3 phone, lip balm and a lipstick with 3 card slots here. You can probably squeeze a small pouch if the wipes or sunglasses were smaller.
    I got the ginny too as a day to night bag and this for evenings
    20170115_103617_HDR.jpg 20170115_103924-1.jpg
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    Thanks, its versatile as it converts to a clutch and is much bigger than a woc.
  11. It's quite roomie for such a small bag!! Thank you for the photos!! The mini bag would be prefect for running errands and shopping. And the Ginny would be perfect for dinner! Anyway enough both bags!