My Saks Shopping Phh....

  1. Since I explored Gucci,Chanel,LV,and shoes..I decided to post one big thread on all the cool stuff at was impressive..New Chanel Lux lines bags with some kind of fur in red and bowlers but nicer....under 2000-WOW...WOW...WOW...I died and went to heaven looking at these bags!
    Then I hit Gucci.2 NEW FALL scarf bags came in..The SA Juan(so cute and helpful.!!).let me take pics for you guys!!LOL!
    The lighter one is so me..the burgundy scarf color is AMAZING IRL!!!!
    Then off to LV..where I bought these:
    [​IMG]Damier 30 and a tie for PHH( he will be so pieved..but I couldnt resist..LOL!Cant wait to see his face!He hates LV!! I will tell him his daughter picked it out especially just for him..just to make him wear it!!LOL!
    Then off to SHOES..I bought these Diors..LOVE....So comfy

    [​IMG]..I bought more clothes...Chanel makeup(it is gift time at Chanel girls!!LOL!)....Now I am about to buy the REBELE Dior bag..then I will OFFICIALLY BE DEAD WIFE...(walking or..) SHOPPING...LOL!!!
  2. enjoy your Speedy , it's fantastic , congrats!
  3. You're too funny, Jill! You're having quite a day! Congrats on your purchases! I hope the tie calms your hubby!
  4. Love your Dior shoes and thanks for taking pics of Gucci bags. I love the tan one as well!
  5. Oh Jill, you're one lucky lady! Please tell us what kind of clothes you got. And Chanel cosmetics is giving away free gifts?!
  6. ^ YEP! Cute cosmetic cases at Saks filled with Chanel..for purchases over 100-I had to buy ALL my makeup today..over 500...eekk...HATE it when everything runs out at the same time!LOL!
    I bought a ton of Theory clothes too...I live in Theory.
  7. Love the bags!
  8. Hey guys..I have a question for you..Would you buy that Gucci Scarf tote(ITS HUGE!) ..or..the new black Dior Rebele HOBO??Gotta decide in 5 minutes...before PHH gets home..LOL!
  9. You crack me up! I also love Theory clothes, I'm always sort of mixed about buying them because they're plain and then I live in them. I can't opine on the tote because I haven't seen the Dior tote, but don't generally like my bags too big.

    Hmmm, I have to go to Saks to pick up my pre-sale shoes today I might have to stop by the Chanel counter.
  10. [​IMG]THIS bag is the new came in Black..
  11. MY 10 year old says the Dior isnt me..too biker-ish..LOL..what do you think?
  12. Even if it isn't 'you'- you seem to really like the bag alot, so I think you should give it a try. I think people should switch their style up from time to time. It's not a whole wardrobe change- just a handbag.

    The Gucci is a nice bag and the scarf is a cool touch....but looks 'average'. The Rebele bag looks awesome and is a standout.

    That Dior ad doesn't do it any justice.
  13. Wow, Juan has some big hands!!!! I think the scarf on the Gucci bag on the left makes the bag. I do like the black bag but the scarf doesn't do it justice like the scarf on the left does. Those bags are safe. The Dior bag is a biker-chick bag, so it depends on if you want your wild side to show........
    I do agree --- you are Dead Woman Walking when PHH hits the garage door. You better pull out one piece at a time a month apart. I hope PLDaughter can be quiet. :roflmfao:

  14. Jill falls in love ALOT. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. Oh, I like that Dior bag. But then I do like edgy things that my boyfriend doesn't really like are 'me.' Like the Hermes Medor watch. Do you ever wear anything that would go with the Dior bag? Like some leather? ;)