My Saks Prada came without authenticity card:(

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  1. Guys, i got a cute Prada from Saks and I just checked it. Its missing its authenticity card:sad: Is there anything I can do about it?
  2. I've had the same thing happen with Chanel bags before. Sometimes they get misplaced or someone grabs it out of the bag. With Chanel there is nothing you can do because each card is specific to each bag. I'm not sure about Prada--but I know our Prada experts will chime in.
  3. Thanks ssc0619 , I just called and left the SA a message. Hopefully she will find a bag with the auth card in it. Its a sale bag though so Im not sure what the chances are:sad:
  4. That happened to me recently and my SA wasn't able to come up with the authenticity

    card.. I have my receipt so for me that's enough to authenticate it as I am keeping this

    for myself.. not intending to sell it
  5. I intend to keep the bag as well:smile: But I still feel my bag is complete with the card. Maybe its silly.

  6. I don't think it is silly at all. Even when the bag is on sale it is still expensive ! And when you buy it you expect everything to be there. Hopefully your SA will be able to find one in another bag!

    I always like to tell my Chanel authenticity card story. I received a wallet on chain from NM ...when I received it it didint have an authenticity card. I called my SA and of course she couldn't find it. (She offered to go pull one out if another Chanrl bag (which you can't do because the authenticity card matched the authenticity tag in the bag). I really wanted the bag ao I kept it.

    The next time I bought a Chanel bag it came with 3 authenticity cards! One of them matched my bag and the other 2 belonged to two other bags!
  7. You can call them and get a 10% discount for this missing card.
  8. So did you SA ever call you back yet??
  9. Hi , no my SA has not called yet. Im just calling her.. Good I checked the thread before I called , Alouette that is some story about your chanel:smile: I mean what are the chances! How wonderful.
  10. I just spoke the the SA and she was going to take a card out of another Prada bag and send it to me. She did not know that the cards are specific to the bag and has information on the color and material of the bag. So I told her that would not work and she would have to get one from a similar Prada bag in the same color. She told me if she got a return she would be able to get me the card , but I am not sure what the chances of that are. I like the bag , I dont want to return it just for the missing card but the thing is it is not what I would call a classic Prada bag and is a very bright color so I might want to sell it in a couple of years. I dont buy resale bags without the card, I mean internet shopping is risky as is so I like the reassurance of the paperwork in a resale bag. Would the bags price depreciate significantly without the card?
  11. I asked about the 10% discount since the card is missing and she said she could not do that. Did this work for anyone? Well I am going to have to decide how important the card really is. If it was my most coveted bag like the blonde mordore:smile: I would not bother, but this one is definitely a seasonal bag I might feel is not me in a couple of years..
  12. That's too bad. That was actually ssc0619's story about the Chanel. ;)

    Anyway, it depends on how important it is to you. I bought a Chanel on the MP w/o the auth card but I knew it was authentic. I wound up selling it on ebay and I still got a decent price for it. I'm sure the price drops a bit since there's no auth card but hopefully the receipt will help if you decide to sell.
  13. oops ! I just re read, Was talking to SA when I was typing.. Silly me:smile: Quite a story ssc0619, with a happy ending:smile:

    Yes alouette, Im not going to stress over it, Im planning on keeping the bag anyway because its so pretty:smile:
  14. Well at least you're going to keep it! What bag is it again that you purchased?
  15. ^^Its a fuchsia colored patent bowler, really cute but you will understand why I say its seasonal. Its really bright!! I would almost say .. At first I was debating, but the SA called me 2 times till I changed my mind..hmmm.. I also told another TPFer about it but the bag found her way to me somehow...Here is a pic, what do you think? I am 28 years old, should I be running over town carrying this bag? :graucho:

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